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July 27, 2021

How HourOne Built for Scale with TeraSky

HourOne technology automatically transforms text-based content into human-presented videos. Having completed their initial development stage, HourOne turned to TeraSky to help make their solution production-ready with Kubernetes on AWS.


The Challenge
HourOne was looking to prepare their product for live production traffic. They needed to ensure their solution was resilient and built for scale while being capable of maintaining smooth user experiences and cost efficiencies as they onboarded more customers.


The Solution
To enable development, staging, and production setup, we created a terraform-based infrastructure as code. Additionally, to allow for easy software lifecycles, we proposed that HourOne migrate to containers and Kubernetes instead of separately running instances. As part of the migration, we also created a generic and very flexible templating architecture to assist with future microservices creation as the company grows. Lastly, together with HourOne, we built an architecture that allows the solution to automatically manage the complex state of the events-based A.I. video pipeline. This makes it possible to produce high numbers of videos with a minimal resource footprint, which scales smoothly as demand grows.


Today, HourOne can easily deploy and roll back its software. Critical monitoring metrics and logs are collected and can be conveniently accessed for troubleshooting purposes. Their solution is highly available and resilient, able to withstand failures.
“Without solution adaptation, this project would never have achieved success. TeraSky worked closely with our R&D team through a DevOps approach, leading to a better, more stable, more cost-effective, and more manageable end-solution.” – Lior Hakim HourOne, CTO


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How HourOne Built for Scale with TeraSky – Video


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