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September 5, 2022

How TeraSky Helped Maman Group Simplify, Strengthen, and Save on Their Storage and Offsite Backup with AWS


Based at the cargo terminals at Ben Gurion International Airport, Maman provides a full range of cargo handling services for international air cargo imported to or exported from Israel. To manage all the data that goes into running this major operation, Maman was working with two service providers – Veeam for their backup and a second cloud provider for an offsite backup storage solution.


The Challenge
Looking to simplify, Maman was in the market for a new provider for reliable, secure, and cost-efficient offsite storage for their backups. Since they were already planning a change, they also preferred to have one point of contact for both the backup and cloud parts of whatever solution they chose.


The Solution
As an Advanced AWS Partner, TeraSky was ready with precisely the solution Maman needed. Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) offers a variety of cloud-based storage levels, one of which is the S3 Infrequent Access service. “In this case, S3 Infrequent Access was a perfect fit for Maman’s backup data storage needs,” explained Mark Fridman, Data Protection CTO from TeraSky. “The backups do not need to be accessed very often, which makes this service less expensive than those with more intensive access options.” To that, TeraSky added AWS S3 Glacier, secure and durable service for low-cost data archiving and long-term backup. This further reduced the costs for cold storage of rarely accessed data, such as archival historical backup copies.


The Bottom Line
By moving their offsite backup storage to AWS S3, TeraSky helped Maman match their costs and solutions to their actual data requirements, so they only pay for the access levels they really need. Plus, they now have access to the gold standard in end-to-end support for their data protection, as well as virtually unlimited scalability should they need it in the future. Said Maman’s CIO, Dani Tevet, “TeraSky’s familiarity with all available solutions gave us peace of mind that we were getting the absolute best fit for our needs. We’ve significantly lowered costs with the new setup and know who to turn to with our questions. It is exactly the outcome we were looking for.”

If you still have questions, or would like to learn more about AWS S3,our experts are here to help.


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