March 15, 2022

VMware Tanzu Application Platform – Expert Panel Discussion

Many companies have already moved to Kubernetes platforms for containerized application architecture, but struggle to scale the new approach to the enterprise level. While K8s is incredibly extensible and flexible, companies are left to build their own security and developer experience. Tanzu Application Platform addresses this challenge, unlocking developer productivity with a rapid, sustainable, and securable path to production at scale.


In this expert panel discussion, CTO of Tanzu, VMware, James Watters speaks with TeraSky’s Scott Rosenberg (Practice Leader, Cloud Technologies and Automation) and Dekel Tankel (Technology Lead, Tanzu, VMware) about how TAP’s persona-focused approach directly addresses the largest challenges of K8s scaling, providing tools and templates to harness the power of K8s while still enabling important customization flexibility.

Have questions about VMware’s Tanzu? We’ve got just the expert for you. Contact us today.


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