June 30, 2024

Webinar Recap: Unleash the Power of K8s for Data Services

Kubernetes offers a powerful framework for managing containerized applications. However, when it comes to data services, its complexity can hinder performance and raise operational and security concerns. TeraSky’s recent webinar, “Unleash Kubernetes Power on Data Services (Without Compromising on Availability, Data Integrity, or Data Recovery!)”, tackled these challenges head-on, providing valuable insights for data and storage professionals using Kubernetes. 


As one of only a handful of Pure Storage Elite partners worldwide, TeraSky ensures Portworx’s success through a proven strategy based on expert-designed frameworks, well-structured methodologies, and ongoing professional services. The webinar, led by TeraSky’s Portworx experts, Assaf Yahav and Oleg Perstin, dove deep into how Portworx Enterprise empowers Kubernetes environments by streamlining data management and disaster recovery solutions (DR). 


The first session, “Data on Autopilot: Automating Data Management and DR in Your Kubernetes Environment,” addressed key pain points. Participants learned how Portworx’s robust solutions ensure high availability, data resilience, and comprehensive data protection, effectively disaster-proofing their data. Further, the session explored Portworx’s Cloud Native Software-defined Storage, a purpose-built solution designed specifically for the demands of modern data services. Another key topic addressed was eliminating “noisy neighbors” problems; the presenters offered strategies for controlling Input/Output Operations Per Second (IOPS) and bandwidth, ensuring efficient storage utilization, and preventing performance bottlenecks caused by resource-intensive applications.


Finally, the session showcased how Portworx automates storage management. In doing so, it guarantees that applications always have the capacity they need to run smoothly, eliminating storage scarcity worries and simplifying data management within the Kubernetes environment.


Following the in-depth exploration, a live demo brought the power of Portworx to life, allowing attendees to see the solution in action.


TeraSky’s Portworx empowers Kubernetes users while maintaining data security and integrity through practical solutions for data management, disaster recovery, and efficient resource allocation. By leveraging TeraSky’s expertise and Portworx’s innovative tools, organizations can realize the full potential of Kubernetes for their data services.


Did you miss the live webinar? It’s not too late – watch the (Hebrew) recording here!

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