April 5, 2022

Innovate Faster in a Multi-Cloud World

Innovate Faster in a Multi-Cloud World
Go faster, spend less, and be free with VMware Cross-Cloud services.


In an age when the amount of organizational data grows dramatically every year, the journey to a multi-cloud world and applications that work in multi-cloud environments enables you to manage and move data efficiently.


VMware and TeraSky are pleased to invite you to a conference that will address the complex challenges of a multi-cloud world.


Come learn how to put your organization on the path to fast growth by adopting SaaS technologies, which allow you to take full advantage of the business benefits inherent to moving to the cloud world.



Plus: a fascinating presentation by Channel 12 Correspondent, Ohad Hemo! 


Date: April 5th, 2022
Location: Gome Events, Derech HaTennis 6, Ramat Hasharon
Hours: 09:30-14:00


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