Cross-Cloud Managed Services

from the Experts at TeraSky

As a VMware Cross-Cloud Managed Services Partner, TeraSky takes the guesswork out of consuming managed services, helping you optimize multi-cloud resources, reduce costs, and ensure compliance.

TeraSky’s Validated Service offering within the Cross-Cloud Services specialization includes all five VMware prescriptive offers:

Public Cloud

Centralized Governance

Cost Optimization

Cloud Native App Delivery

Cross-Cloud Managed Services for Private and Managed Provider Clouds

Who Can Benefit?

Cross-cloud managed services from TeraSky are designed for businesses and organizations at any stage of cloud adoption. 

With fully customized cloud solutions, any enterprise seeking to optimize IT budget and fuel expansion can confidently navigate their cloud journey while focusing on growth.

What You Get

By choosing TeraSky for Cross-Cloud Managed Services, you gain control, visibility, and expert support for efficient, secure, and cost-effective cloud management.

The results? Remarkable.

  • Improved Visibility: Custom dashboards on multiple clouds for cost, usage, and asset data analysis.
  • Effective Control: Detailed reports for better resource management.
  • Budget Efficiency: Visualize costs, monitor spending, and receive alerts for cost optimization.
  • Performance Evaluation: Compare data with provisioned capacity for efficient cloud use.
  • Unified Management: A single platform for cost allocation, resource optimization, and policy enforcement.
  • Automated Compliance: Ensure control and compliance with automated policies.
  • Professional Guidance: Get expert support for cloud cost management and security.

Recognized Expertise

A VMware Partner since 2010, TeraSky’s work gets noticed:

  • 2023 VMware Partner Value Award 
  • 2022 VMware Social Impact Award
  • 2021 VMware Partner of the Year Award 

We are also one of only a few VMware partners globally to have achieved seven Master Service Competencies (MSCs) that prove mastery in a specific VMware solution area.

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