Terraform Acceleration Program (TAP)

for HashiCorp’s Terraform from the Experts at TeraSky

About Terraform

HashiCorp’s Terraform makes it possible to automate infrastructure on any cloud. While it can become a game-changing component of your workflow, implementing it properly can be a complex undertaking. TAP is a targeted strategic consultation initiative designed to optimize your Terraform integration.


No One Understands Terraform Like TeraSky

As the first and only Hyper-Specialized Tier Partner to achieve both the Security and Infrastructure competencies, TeraSky provides the recognized expertise you need to maximize the value of Terraform for your workflow and your growth goals.

Terraform Acceleration Program provides the expert guidance and detailed roadmap you need to deploy Terraform at scale, the right way.

Detailed Roadmap

Continued Support

Expert Advice

HashiCorp Certified Consultants

How do I know if TAP is right for me?

TAP is ideal for:

Current Terraform Cloud/Enterprise clients who:

  • Are facing challenges in the adoption process
  • Are interested in adopting Terraform more broadly

Terraform OSS users who are contending with increased organizational complexity

Prospective Terraform Cloud/Enterprise customers

How long does TAP take?

We’ll design your customized course of interviews and code reviews according to the assessed complexity of your environment. Most clients complete the program in about two weeks.

TAP Deliverables

  • Adoption Plan document
  • Health Check Questionnaire
  • Analysis report with remediation

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