June 4, 2023

Platform Engineering – Meetup

Platform Engineering Meetup: Unleashing the Power of Cloud Native Buildpacks and GitOps for SaaS Apps



You’re invited! Join us for a fascinating Platform Engineering Meetup featuring two informative sessions led by the industry’s top Platform Engineering experts. In this meetup, we’ll explore the world of cloud-native buildpacks and how they revolutionize how we build and manage container images. Further, we’ll learn how applying GitOps principles to our SaaS toolchain enables us to manage SaaS tools centrally and with greater ease.


This meetup is a must-attend for platform engineers, DevOps engineers, software developers, and anyone interested in the latest trends in cloud-native technology. Join us for an exciting evening of learning, networking, and community building!


Where: Sderot Shaul HaMelech 8, Tel Aviv | 14th Floor (FireFly Offices)

When: Sunday, 4th of June | 18:00





18:00 – Gathering: Pizza + Beer


18:30 – Unraveling the Magic Behind Cloud Native Buildpacks – Scott Rosenberg, Lead Architect CTO Office TeraSky

Container images are a crucial building block of cloud-native applications. But how are these images built, and what makes them so powerful? In this talk, we will start by exploring the basics of container images and how they are constructed. We’ll then dive deeper into the world of buildpack technology, which is revolutionizing the way we build and manage container images.

Buildpacks provide a declarative way to define and package application dependencies, making it easier to build and maintain container images. We’ll explore the different components of buildpacks, including the lifecycle, detection, and build processes. We’ll also discuss how buildpacks provide a common interface for developers and operators, simplifying the process of building and deploying applications.

Finally, we’ll showcase some real-world examples of buildpack-based platforms, including Kpack, Waypoint, Google Cloud Run, and Pack CLI. You’ll see how buildpacks can be used to streamline the development and deployment of cloud native applications, making it easier to focus on building great software.

Join us for this informative session on the magic behind cloud native buildpacks, and stick around for a Q&A session at the end.



19:10 – Codify your SaaS Apps: The Answer to the Unmanaged SaaS Jungle – Eran Bibi Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer, FireFly

GitOps is becoming the popular way to control, automate and manage cloud assets at scale through unified policies. However, the most popular SaaS tools and infrastructure extensions that we all know and love, still remain outside of our GitOps practices.

The irony is that these SaaS tools behave just like operational clouds in many cases powered by similar resources and objects, and they can actually benefit the most from centralized policy in the same way Kubernetes and other cloud native infrastructure does. Security and state drift in your SaaS clouds is no less troubling than in your cloud ops.

This talk will walk you through how you can deliver the same GitOps value applied to your cloud-native resources––from Kubernetes through multi-cloud––to your entire SaaS tool chain from your monitoring tools and APMs, CDNs, security, and IAM tools all the way through your SCM, and literally any other tools that integrate natively with your IaC.

We’ll take a deep dive through real code examples for how to sync your SaaS tooling configuration by managing them through your IaC of choice.


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