1 September, 2021

ClusterAPI vSphere GitHub Community Appoints TeraSky’s Scott Rosenberg as Official Reviewer

As of today, I am one of the two official reviewers for the ClusterAPI vSphere provider.

“Reviewers look for general code quality, correctness, sane software engineering, style, etc.” according to the ClusterAPI vSphere documents This is a mandatory process for any PR (Pull Request) to merge into the codebase.

While anyone can review a PR (I have done so in the past on my own many times), it is considered best practice to use official project Reviewers/Approvers, ensuring that the work is being done by people with deep knowledge of the codebase and whose expertise can be trusted. The nomination to be a reviewer is a huge honor, as it indicates the respect and trust of the community members. It is also a stepping stone to becoming a co-maintainer of the project down the line.

In order to become a Reviewer, I needed to first become a member of the Kubernetes-sigs (Special Interest Groups) GitHub organization. This process requires sponsorship from at least two current members from two different companies. I was privileged to be sponsored by a VMware employee who is a Maintainer of ClusterAPI, and an employee from Apple who is the Owner of another clusterAPI Provider (ClusterAPI-Nested), with whom I have been working in the community for several months. I was also endorsed by a developer at AWS who works on EKS-A.

This is an exciting first step in the direction of what I hope will be increased interaction with and contribution to the open-source community in general, and the K8s community in particular — for myself and for TeraSky as a whole.

It is a true pleasure to work with the community and there is no better way to truly learn the ins and outs of a solution/product.

And for those that don’t know, “vrabbi” is my handle on GitHub.


Scott Rosenberg

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