11 May, 2021

Israeli companies can now access Storage as a Service from world leader

Pure Storage® announces Israeli market entry with TeraSky partnership, enabling access to cutting-edge on-demand storage solutions for Israeli companies.


Tel Aviv, Israel – May 11, 2021 – Israeli IT integrator TeraSky announced today its partnership with Pure Storage. The partnership will enable Israeli-based enterprises to leverage Pure’s world-class storage solutions through TeraSky’s IT integration.


TeraSky provides a broad array of companies – from traditional businesses to born-to-the-cloud startups facing the challenges of expansion and scale – with smooth, safe, and cost-effective digital transformations that safeguard security and data integrity without disruption. The TeraSky-Pure partnership marries leading STaaS technology with deep integration expertise, cementing TeraSky’s ability to serve cutting-edge solutions to global leaders seeking to transform their business.


“TeraSky is a strong and experienced partner in many strategic areas and together we will be able to offer solutions that other companies cannot. We look forward to offering a strong customer experience combined with Pure’s solutions: this will empower organizations to innovate by providing a dynamic, cloud-based storage experience that is flexible, on-demand, and delivered as code.” Matthieu Brignone, VP Partners EMEA, Pure Storage


Data strategies have never been more central to business success as they are today, forcing companies to realign their digital operations. TeraSky provides companies with the expertise and assurance they need to prioritize cloud-based STaaS infrastructure models. Adding Pure’s solution to its platform further broadens TeraSky’s ability to provide simple, flexible, and agile solutions with a pay-as-you-go model to organizations seeking to run their operations seamlessly across multiple clouds.


“Israel is a world leader in digital technologies, and yet so many Israeli businesses have not fully transitioned into Software-as-a-Service models. Together with Pure, we can help companies reduce expenses as they transition, and ensure our country’s technological impact continues to lead the world.” CEO, Ofir Abekasis, TeraSky


Thanks to this partnership, Israeli companies will now be able to abide by all local regulations when integrating this core capability into their data infrastructure.


Learn more through the Pure//Accelerate™ Digital 2021 series starting May 12th, 2021)

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