23 January, 2023

TeraSky Announces Significant Investment from Abry Partners

TeraSky, a global multi-cloud, cloud-native, and modern IT innovative technologies solutions provider, announced today a significant investment from Boston-based Abry Partners. The investment is intended to deepen TeraSky’s Israel presence and accelerate the company’s global market expansion in the USA and Europe. This is Abry Partners’ first investment in Israel and a vote of confidence in the Israeli-based solution provider.


“TeraSky has redefined the role of technology integration,” Nicolas Massard, Partner of Abry Partners, stated. “By leveraging deep expertise and broad experience, TeraSky provides truly creative solutions that address not only technological challenges but business needs. This model, paired with a culture of innovation, education, community, and quality, doesn’t just set TeraSky apart from the crowd – it puts it in a class of its own.”


From multi-cloud and platform engineering to comprehensive managed services and cost optimization, and much more, TeraSky helps companies achieve and future-proof their goals through technology. Founded in 2010, TeraSky employs a team of over 130 people and has offices in Israel, the USA, Central Europe, and the United Kingdom and maintains a reputation across the world as a professional services provider of the highest caliber. The investment will assist TeraSky in further strengthening its existing leadership position and expanding its engagement and exposure in key global markets.


“We are honored that Abry Partners recognizes TeraSky’s unique value in the technology ecosystem,” remarked Ofir Abekasis, CEO of TeraSky. “The quality of our work is driven by the quality of our people and the values they share, and we consider this investment as a validation of our unique value and of our commitment to excellence. We look forward to deepening our expertise and offerings in Israel, Europe, and USA while using this investment as an opportunity to expand our leadership globally.”

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