24 July, 2022

TeraSky Awarded Partner Social Impact Award Winner for 2022

VMware recently awarded TeraSky the VMware Partner Social Impact Award Winner for 2022 for helping a client modernize their systems with microservices to provide remote learning access to millions of students during the pandemic. As deep believers in education, this is a cause that holds particular significance for our team. In conferring this award, VMware emphasized how much they appreciate partners like TeraSky, who share their values of achieving exceptional business outcomes as well as acting as exceptional global citizens.


We invite you to read VMware’s article outlining TeraSky’s winning project and the impact that made it award-worthy. We were honored to contribute to our client’s success and honored to be recognized for it!



Pictured, Lir Shif our VP Solution Architect who was part of the team that ensured the success of this project.

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