22 August, 2023

TeraSky Launches Cloud FinOps as a Service, Conquering Cloud Cost Complexity with VMware Aria Cost

August 22, 2023, Tel Aviv, Israel – TeraSky, a global solution integrator, today announced the official launch of its groundbreaking Cloud FinOps as a Service offering based on VMware Aria Cost. The service revolutionizes cloud cost management – including across multiple cloud providers – for businesses of all types and levels of cloud maturity, leveraging TeraSky’s FinOps specialists and cutting-edge cloud cost management tools for unprecedented control over cloud expenditures.


As a VMware Cross-Cloud Managed Services Provider, TeraSky is exceptionally qualified to help customers maximize the value of their IT budget while investing in growth. With their cloud FinOps as a service offering, they introduce a comprehensive approach to addressing the increasingly complex challenges related to managing cloud expenses, while better harnessing the full potential of multi-cloud environments. Customers benefit from detailed and intuitive dashboards that provide real-time visibility into cloud expenses, allowing for better decision-making and cost control. At the same time, they gain access to TeraSky’s experts, who analyze and optimize cloud usage to ensure maximum cost efficiency across platforms and at scale. The service empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions, enhance efficiency, and maximize cloud investment returns, freeing up more resources for innovation and growth.


To meet the needs of businesses of all sizes and types, TeraSky has designed several Multi-Cloud FinOps as a Service packages levels. For example, the Basic Tier is ideal for startups and small businesses looking to gain insights into their cloud spending and identify areas of potential cost savings, while the Advanced Tier offers growing businesses with more complex cloud environments access to in-depth cost analysis, optimization recommendations, and proactive monitoring. The Enterprise Tier, aimed at large enterprises managing extensive multi-cloud deployments, provides personalized FinOps strategies, budget forecasting, and ongoing cost governance.


Ofir Abekasis, CEO of TeraSky, expressed his excitement about the new service: “As cloud adoption continues to surge, organizations need expert guidance to navigate the complexities of cloud financial management. TeraSky has always been committed to delivering innovative solutions that empower businesses to embrace the full potential of cloud technology. With our FinOps service, clients can easily optimize their cloud costs, focus on strategic initiatives, and achieve a competitive advantage in their industries. We are delighted to bring this innovative offering to the market.”


“Businesses today face an acute need to optimize spending, reduce costs, and increase overall visibility into the cloud environments on which their businesses depend. Research shows that 76% of multi-cloud organizations report needing to improve control over their cloud costs1,” said Abhay Kumar, VP for Hyperscalers and Technology Partners, VMware. “With their innovative multi-cloud FinOps services, TeraSky is delivering on the promise of VMware Cross-Cloud managed services to help customers maximize the value from their multi-cloud environments and implement a cloud smart approach that helps them invest in digital transformation and growth while safeguarding against rampant cloud spend and inefficient operations.”


1- “Multi-Cloud Maturity Research Report,” Vanson Bourne, October 2022, N=6000


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