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As one of HashiCorp’s key global implementation partners and the 2022 RSI Partner of the Year, TeraSky has multiple product certifications and broad experience over hundreds of app modernization products, with tens of thousands of resources deployed. We are also the first and only Hyper-Specialized Tier Partner to achieve both the Security and Infrastructure Competency designations. With TeraSky, you can trust that your implementation is optimized through and through.

Unlock the Cloud Operating Model

HashiCorp provides the keys. We help you open the door.

HashiCorp’s tools provide a control plane for each layer of the cloud, enabling you to make the shift to a cloud operating model. The tools are available as open-source or enterprise versions, which provide additional collaboration, operations, management, and multi-data center functionality-promoting features.

Infrastructure and Security Automation

Use infrastructure as code to provision any cloud or infrastructure, helping organizations improve productivity, reduce risk, and increase business velocity as they integrate cloud into their IT environments.


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Manage secrets and protect sensitive data by controlling, protecting, storing, and rotating access to all forms of sensitive data via a web interface, command line, or REST API.


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Networking and Application Automation

Enable cloud networking automation with a central shared registry to discover, connect and secure services across any runtime planform and cloud. Includes: service discovery, network middleware automation, and service mesh.


Deploy and orchestrate any containerized, legacy, or batch application on any cloud. Designed to natively handle multi-datacenter and multi-region deployments and is cloud-agnostic.

No One Knows Hashicorp Better

Our Engineers have HashiCorp Certifications
Vault Associate
Vault Certified Hashicorp Implementation Partner
Terraform Associate
Consul Associate


Key Distinctions
HashiCorp Hyper-Specialized Partner Designation

2022 HashiCorp RSI Partner of the Year

The first and only Hyper-Specialized Tier Partner to achieve both the Security and Infrastructure Competency designations
Home to Israel’s only HashiCorp Ambassador
TeraSky CTO Lev Andelman is a HashiCorp Ambassador — one of only a few in the world, and the only one in Israel
HashiCorp 2021 Specialized Global Partner

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