May 2, 2024

      14.00 (GMT+1)

HashiCorp, Snyk, Gremlin: Tools for Resiliency and Security Posture – Webinar

This webinar dives into the latest cloud security and resiliency trends, empowering your team to proactively identify and address security threats and reliability risks. We’ll explore how HashiCorp, Snyk, and Gremlin’s innovative solutions can fortify your defenses and keep your systems running—no matter what.


Here’s what you’ll learn:
What’s New in Zero Trust: New HashiCorp features in Vault Radar, Consul, and Boundary highlight evolving needs in security and secrets management.
Strengthen Your Reliability Posture: Learn how Gremlin’s enterprise reliability platform continuously finds and surfaces reliability risks, keeping your secure systems running with minimal downtime.
Fortify Your Infrastructure as Code (IaC): Discover how Snyk helps you continuously monitor and safeguard your Terraform configurations.


Attending this webinar will give you valuable insights on:

  • Proactively identifying and mitigating cloud security threats.
  • Implementing best practices for secrets management and discovery.
  • Leveraging service mesh architecture for enhanced security.
  • Enforcing granular user access control.
  • Securing your Infrastructure as Code (IaC) with continuous monitoring.
  • Using Chaos Engineering and resilience testing to proactively find and fix reliability risks.

Take advantage of this opportunity to elevate your cloud security posture.


TeraSky’s experts are leaders in using HashiCorp, Snyk, and Gremlin together to create a robust cloud security strategy.

Register today and take the next step towards a more secure and reliable cloud environment!


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