January 9, 2024

AI-Driven FinOps – Webinar Recap

Recently, Ran Blumenfeld, FinOps & Customer Success at TeraSky, had the privilege of participating in a roundtable discussion on AI-driven FinOps, providing his perspective on the challenges and opportunities in this rapidly evolving landscape. The webinar, hosted by Anodot, brought together a diverse group of experts, including CTOs, Technical Cloud Project Managers, Cloud FinOps Directors, and Data Scientists.


The webinar started with exploring the challenges associated with delivering successful FinOps. The experts shed light on the shift from traditional business practices to the intricacies of managing cloud resources efficiently. For many, architectural considerations took center stage, including aspects such as security, compliance, governance, backups, and disaster recovery. The panelists emphasized the critical need for anomaly detection and cost optimization, striking a delicate balance between security architecture, cost governance, and overarching business objectives.


A significant portion of the discussion revolved around the challenges faced when dealing with DevOps teams. One hurdle identified was ensuring DevOps teams’ availability for cost reduction initiatives. The group also acknowledged the limitations of manual FinOps and stressed the importance of automation, particularly in identifying anomalies and taking quantifiable actions.


The conversation also delved into the unique challenges encountered in government environments, where cloud billing is often viewed as a challenge, and the concept of FinOps is not as widely recognized. The need for architectural changes to achieve true cost optimization in this sector was underscored.


Throughout the discussion, the future of FinOps was a central theme. Exploring the potential of AI-driven methods and machine learning, the experts discussed the role of predictive analytics and forecasting in planning and budgeting, as well as the collaboration between AI and human intelligence. They even suggested the idea of a “learnable loop” where customers contribute resolutions and actions based on their knowledge.


The AI-driven FinOps webinar provided a platform for a candid discussion on the challenges and opportunities in this evolving field. The shared experiences and insights from industry experts shed light on the dynamic nature of cloud efficiency. While companies strive to update features and enhance cloud efficiency through tools like Anodot’s CostGPT, the struggle lies in getting clients to recognize the importance of proactive cost optimization in the cloud.


The full webinar is available to watch on YouTube.


For those on their FinOps journey or curious about the potential of AI-driven insights, get in touch with TeraSky today. Ran and our team of experts are here to help.

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