April 21, 2024

Introducing TeraSky’s GKE PD Label Controller

Introducing TeraSky’s GKE PD Label Controller: Elevate Your GKE Cluster Management


In the realm of cloud infrastructure, managing persistent storage effectively is critical — particularly within environments leveraging Kubernetes and Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE). This is where TeraSky steps in with an innovative tool designed to streamline and enhance your cluster management: the GKE PD (Persistent Disk) Label Controller. TeraSky’s innovative GKE Persistent Disk (PD) Label Controller tool is designed to streamline and enhance your cluster management.


Overview of the GKE PD Label Controller


The GKE PD Label Controller is a Kubernetes controller that simplifies storage resource management on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). By automatically syncing labels from Kubernetes Persistent Volume Claims (PVCs) to GCP persistent disks, this tool reduces the need for manual labeling, saving you time and reducing the risk of errors.


Why It Matters


Labels in GCP serve as essential markers that organize, track, and allocate costs to storage resources. Manually managing these labels can be tedious and error-prone. The GKE PD Label Controller automates this process, ensuring your storage labels are always aligned with your PVC annotations and keeping everything consistent and clear across your GCP infrastructure.


How It Works


Once installed on your GKE cluster, the controller continuously monitors for new or updated PVCs. Whenever a change is detected, it automatically syncs the labels on your GCP persistent disks to match the annotations in the corresponding PVCs. This background automation acts like a silent guardian for your storage, ensuring that all components are accurately labeled and managed without requiring direct intervention.


Features and Benefits:


  • Automated Label Management: Ensures real-time synchronization between PVC annotations and GCP disk labels.
  • Simplified Installation: Can be deployed easily using Helm or standard Kubernetes installation commands.
  • Open-Source Flexibility: Available for adaptation and enhancement, meeting a wide range of needs.


Getting Started


Ready to implement this tool? All necessary information, including installation procedures, usage instructions, and configuration options, can be found on our GitHub repository:

The repository provides a comprehensive guide that will help you integrate this controller into your GKE cluster efficiently.


We Value Your Feedback


Our team is committed to constantly improving the GKE PD Label Controller. Your feedback is key! Whether you encounter a bug, have a feature request, or want to share your success story, we want to hear from you. Please feel free to contribute to the repository or reach out to us directly.




The GKE PD Label Controller is more than just a tool; it’s a part of TeraSky’s ongoing commitment to improving Kubernetes ecosystem management. By automating critical aspects of resource labeling, we aim to help you maintain a more organized, efficient, and error-free environment. We invite you to deploy this tool within your infrastructure and experience the difference it makes.


Stay connected with us for more insights, updates, and tools that help you navigate your cloud infrastructure with greater ease and confidence. Here’s to better management of your cloud resources!


Written By: Daniel Vaknin, Senior Consultant, Cloud & DevOps

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