June 18, 2023

Aria Automation GitOps – vRO for GitHub Actions

In the rapidly evolving landscape of DevOps, automation is essential for seamless and efficient software delivery. However, managing workflows with GitHub Actions can pose challenges in integrating with other tools and orchestrating complex processes.


These challenges result in inefficiencies, limited agility, and security concerns. Manual workflow management is time-consuming and error-prone, leading to delays and code errors. Deploying changes quickly and safely becomes difficult, hindering organizations’ responsiveness. Moreover, manual workflows make tracking changes and ensuring security cumbersome.


Aria Automation GitOps – vRO for GitHub Actions provides a comprehensive solution to address these pain points. By leveraging VMware vRealize Orchestrator (vRO) and integrating it with GitHub Actions, organizations automate and orchestrate workflows seamlessly, optimizing software delivery.


This solution improves efficiency by automating tasks and streamlining workflows, eliminating errors and saving time. It enhances agility, enabling the prompt deployment of changes to meet market demands. Additionally, it ensures security and reliability through centralized automation logic, reducing risks and enabling effective change tracking.


Approach to the Solution


To address the limitations faced with GitHub Actions, Aria Automation, in collaboration with TeraSky, has developed a powerful workflow management system that leverages vRO’s capabilities. This approach enables teams to automate and orchestrate their workflows seamlessly, ensuring consistent and reliable software deployments.


At the core of this solution is the combination of vRO workflows and GitHub Actions. The vRO workflow acts as an orchestrator, controlling the execution of the GitHub Actions workflow. With the guidance of TeraSky’s cloud strategy consulting expertise, organizations can design robust workflows that align with their DevOps practices, enabling efficient software delivery.


Integration between vRA, vRO, and Git


Aria Automation’s GitOps approach, with the assistance of TeraSky’s cloud migration and implementation services, relies on seamless integration between vRealize Automation (vRA), vRealize Orchestrator (vRO), and Git. This integration, facilitated by TeraSky’s implementation support, enables the management of GitHub repositories, actions, and workflow runs directly from within the vRO environment.


To facilitate the integration, a dedicated user is created in the vRO environment. This user, guided by TeraSky’s cloud security and compliance expertise, is granted the necessary permissions to interact with the GitHub API securely. Additionally, a GitHub token is generated and utilized for authentication purposes, with the support of TeraSky’s knowledge in cloud-native technology providers.


Furthermore, the solution includes an inventory integration in vRO, allowing easy access to the GitHub API through REST API calls. With TeraSky’s cloud operations and management services, organizations can efficiently monitor workflow runs, ensuring seamless execution of automated processes.


User and Permission Management


Effective user and permission management, guided by TeraSky’s cloud training and certification offerings, plays a pivotal role in any automation solution. Aria Automation’s GitOps solution, complemented by TeraSky’s expertise, addresses this critical aspect by providing organizations with granular control over user roles and permissions.


With Aria Automation and TeraSky’s guidance, organizations can define user roles based on their specific automation requirements, ensuring that each user has the appropriate level of access and privileges. This approach enhances security by restricting unauthorized access to sensitive automation workflows and resources.


Additionally, TeraSky’s cloud training and certification offerings empower organizations to upskill their teams, fostering a culture of proficiency and confidence in managing user roles and permissions within the automation environment.


Future Considerations


While the Aria Automation GitOps solution offers a powerful and scalable workflow management framework, there are exciting possibilities for future enhancements. One area of expansion is the correlation between vRA projects and Git organizations. This integration would enable seamless association of project configurations with corresponding Git repositories and actions, simplifying the configuration process.


Additionally, the solution can be extended to support multiple teams and repositories, catering to diverse organizational structures and fostering effective collaboration in the DevOps environment. These advancements will further optimize software delivery processes and enhance the overall efficiency and adaptability of the solution.


With ongoing advancements and support from industry experts, organizations can continually evolve and enhance the Aria Automation GitOps solution, ensuring it remains at the forefront of streamlined and efficient software delivery processes.


Streamlining Software Delivery: Aria Automation, TeraSky, and vRealize Orchestrator Revolutionize DevOps


As the automation landscape continues to evolve, organizations are constantly seeking ways to optimize their software delivery processes and embrace the latest advancements in DevOps. Aria Automation’s GitOps solution, in collaboration with TeraSky’s expertise in cloud-native technology adoption, provides a powerful framework to streamline GitHub Actions and enhance automation capabilities.


By seamlessly integrating vRealize Orchestrator (vRO) with GitHub Actions, Aria Automation’s solution empowers DevOps teams to achieve efficient, reliable, and scalable software delivery processes. The seamless integration between vRA, vRO, and Git, supported by TeraSky’s cloud migration and implementation services, enables organizations to effortlessly manage repositories, actions, and workflow runs.


Together, Aria Automation, TeraSky, and vRealize Orchestrator create a comprehensive ecosystem that enhances collaboration, accelerates software deployments, and ensures security and control over automation processes. This integrated approach revolutionizes the efficiency and effectiveness of software delivery in the ever-changing world of DevOps.


Written by: Refael Sachevsky, Cloud Automation Engineer

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