October 25, 2023

Cross Cloud Cost Optimization Secrets, Revealed

TeraSky, in collaboration with VMware, recently hosted the second session of its Multi-Cloud Management Webinar Series. The session, held on October 24, 2023, featured Halit Levin, a Cloud Analyst from TeraSky, and Rafi Pinto, Lead Solution Architect for Cloud Management at VMware, as the keynote speakers and served up a treasure trove of knowledge, actionable strategies, and confidence for companies looking to optimize their cloud costs effectively.


The session explored three essential domains of FinOps: Inform, Optimize, and Operate. Attendees gained valuable insights into how these domains work harmoniously to streamline operations and drive cost savings. There were actionable tips for slashing cloud costs and real-world strategies to optimize their cloud expenses immediately. The session also included a live demonstration of CloudHealth, a cloud cost management platform for tracking costs, identifying savings opportunities, and taking control of cloud spending. The full session recording is now available here – check it out now!


TeraSky is one of the first VMware partners to be designated a VMware Cross-Cloud Managed Services Partner, which means we are experts at seamlessly managing and optimizing your cloud infrastructure across multiple clouds. From FinOps to scaling to security, we’ll help you simplify and elevate your multi-cloud management.


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