December 24, 2023

Effortless Data Storage Evolution with Pure Evergreen

Staying agile while ensuring systems meet current demands and future scalability requirements is the perpetual challenge that businesses face. Legacy storage solutions are often in direct conflict with these goals, suffering from disruptive downtime, planned disruptions, and the need for extensive data migration projects. With forklift upgrades, complex management, and limited mid-range features, the legacy approach has become obsolete. Pure Storage’s Evergreen Storage™ puts an end to these challenges.


Evergreen transcends the traditional boundaries between enterprise and mid-range storage and addresses not only the immediate pain points associated with legacy storage but also charts a course for organizations to navigate future storage needs easily and efficiently. Its hallmark features include:

  • Disruptive Downtime Elimination
    Applications and data remain continuously available without interruptions.
  • Advanced Replication for Business Continuity:
    Enables fast and secure recovery jointly with ransomware remediation.
  • Synchronous Replication (ActiveCluster™):
    Ensures 100% business continuity during unplanned storage maintenance.
  • Ransomware Mitigation (SafeMode™ Snapshots):
    Enhances robust ransomware mitigation for added security.


The result is that Evergreen enables organizations to expand their storage without the traditional workflow shutdowns associated with legacy systems. Likewise, Evergreen fosters a forward-looking approach to storage management. Unlike legacy systems that necessitate disruptive upgrade cycles to access new features, Evergreen Storage subscribers enjoy upgrades and new functionalities without any workflow interruptions. With controller upgrades every three years included in the subscription, Evergreen provides a future-proof investment with continual access to the latest technology. This model not only safeguards the initial investment but also guarantees that storage infrastructure evolves in sync with technological advancements, ensuring optimal performance.


With the flexibility to upgrade, expand, and integrate new features at your own pace, Evergreen Storage liberates companies from the constraints of traditional vendor schedules. This autonomy enables organizations to stay ahead of the curve, seamlessly incorporating advancements without any planned downtime, ever. In essence, Evergreen Storage transcends the limitations of legacy storage, providing a holistic and future-ready approach to managing data infrastructure.


TeraSky, as a leading Pure Storage Partner, is dedicated to helping your organization unlock the full potential of Evergreen Storage to ensure a seamless evolution of your storage infrastructure. Say goodbye to the limitations of legacy storage and embrace the future with TeraSky and Pure Storage.

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