September 19, 2023

Event Recap: Cloud Strategy with Prisma Cloud, HashiCorp, and TeraSky

Attaining Scalable, Dynamic Security Across Clouds


On September 19, 2023, Tel-Aviv-Yafo was the backdrop for an event that brought together tech enthusiasts and cloud security experts, all converging for one purpose: cloud security strategy. Hosted by TeraSky in collaboration with HashiCorp and Prisma Cloud by Palo Alto Networks, this event aimed to shed light on achieving scalable, dynamic security across clouds, with a primary focus on Prisma Cloud’s role. Attendees from various corners of the tech world came together to explore the realms of cloud strategy and security.


Prisma Cloud kicked off the day by shedding light on the collaborative prowess of HashiCorp, Prisma Cloud, and TeraSky. This strategic partnership aims to revolutionize cloud efficiency and security through infrastructure automation, standardization, governance, and provisioning.


Robert Dixon, EMEA Distribution Manager, delved into the Cloud Operating Maturity Model, emphasizing the importance of adopting a structured approach to cloud operations. His presentation offered a roadmap for organizations to enhance their cloud strategies.


One of the event’s highlights was the practical session led by Guy Noy, Prisma Cloud Solution Architect, and David Gidony, TeraSky DevSecOps Solution Architect, who demonstrated how Terraform and Prisma Cloud seamlessly collaborate to enhance security and efficiency in cloud environments. The midday session featured organizations that have achieved success through TeraSky’s collaboration with HashiCorp and Prisma Cloud, serving as real-world validation of the power of this partnership. Finally, the event concluded with a leisurely lunch and networking session. Attendees had the opportunity to discuss their takeaways, share ideas, and establish valuable connections in the industry.


TeraSky is always proud to collaborate with our partners to orchestrate events like this one, bringing together professionals and experts to explore the fascinating world of cloud efficiency and security and share our dedication to ensuring the highest levels of security across cloud environments. This event not only delivered valuable insights but has also paved the way for a more secure and dynamic future in the world of cloud computing. We look forward to continuing to do our part to shape the evolving landscape of cloud security strategy.

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