March 13, 2024

Four Engineers Honored with Prestigious DEXe DEXpert 2024 Award!

We’re thrilled to announce that four of our talented engineers have been recognized for their exceptional contributions in the EUC and DEX space! They have been awarded the prestigious DEXe DEXpert 2024 Award in honor of their dedication to enhancing user experiences. This year’s TeraSky DEXperts are:


  • Gilad Broun – EUC Delivery Manager
  • Ohad Einhorn – EUC Consultant
  • Ofir Dalal – EUC Consultant
  • Guy Hemed – EUC Consultant


The DEXe program fosters collaboration and innovation with the goal of making IT more user-friendly. The award acknowledges individuals who consistently go above and beyond in this pursuit, “providing an exceptional experience that fosters positive perceptions toward users’ work experiences,” which is associated with boosted productivity and ultimately leads to superior performance.


We are incredibly proud of these four engineers and their unwavering commitment to user experience excellence. This recognition is a testament to their individual contributions and a reflection of the collaborative spirit and focus on user-centricity that characterizes our engineering team as a whole. Their dedication aligns perfectly with TeraSky’s core value of community contribution and innovation, and their achievements inspire us all.


Congratulations to our DEXe DEXpert 2024 Award winners! We look forward to your continued contributions as we work together to build a future where IT is not just functional but a positive force in everyone’s work experience.


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