August 15, 2023

Getting Started with Aria Hub by VMware

What is Aria Hub?

Aria Hub by VMware is a cutting-edge platform designed to unify data across the VMware Cloud Management services. It’s a part of VMware’s multi-cloud management strategy, providing centralized views and controls powered by cloud-scale, graph-based data store technology.


Key Features:

  • Multi-Cloud Management: Aria Hub offers a unified management solution for cloud-native applications and multi-cloud environments.
  • Visibility: By unifying data, Aria Hub provides visibility into the resources running on your multi-cloud infrastructure, including the applications that run on that infrastructure.
  • Integration: It integrates with various cloud services and platforms, allowing seamless management across different clouds.
  • Resources: Aria Hub offers technical documentation, reports, trials, communities, and more to help users get started and solve end-to-end problems.


Aria Hub Free Tier


The Aria Hub Free Tier provides immediate access to certain features of VMware Aria Hub, including VMware Aria Guardrails. It’s designed to give users a taste of what Aria Hub can offer, allowing them to discover cloud resources and understand the associated dependencies.
The Aria Hub Free Tier is a valuable offering for those looking to explore multi-cloud management without any financial commitment. It provides a glimpse into the powerful features of Aria Hub, including visibility, governance, and security across various cloud platforms.


Registration for VMware Aria Hub Free Tier


Understanding Aria Graph
Aria Graph is a graph-based data store technology that enables data representation in a network structure. Unlike traditional relational databases, graph databases allow for more natural and flexible connections between data points. This makes them particularly powerful for managing complex relationships and providing insights into large datasets.


The Integration of Aria Hub with Aria Graph


By integrating Aria Graph with Aria Hub, VMware has created a multi-cloud management platform that leverages the unique capabilities of graph technology. Here’s what this integration brings to the table:


  • Enhanced Visibility: Aria Graph’s ability to represent complex relationships allows Aria Hub to provide a more comprehensive view of multi-cloud infrastructures. Users can see how different components are interconnected, leading to better understanding and management.



  • Scalability: Graph databases are known for their scalability. As your multi-cloud environment grows, Aria Graph ensures that Aria Hub can handle the increasing complexity without a hitch.


  • Efficient Querying: The graph-based structure allows for more efficient querying of data. Whether you’re looking for specific resources or trying to understand particular relationships within your multi-cloud environment, Aria Graph makes these queries faster and more intuitive.



  • Improved Analytics: The integration enables more sophisticated analytics. By understanding the relationships between different components, businesses can derive insights that were previously challenging to uncover. This leads to better decision-making and optimization of resources.


  • Centralized Control: Aria Hub, powered by Aria Graph, offers centralized views and controls. This centralization simplifies the management process, allowing for more cohesive control over various cloud services and platforms.

What Can Be Done with Guardrails and Secure Clouds?


Guardrails and secure clouds are essential concepts in cloud management, particularly in the context of multi-cloud environments. They play a crucial role in ensuring that cloud resources are used safely, efficiently, and in compliance with various regulations and best practices. Here’s what can be done with guardrails and secure clouds:


  • Guardrails: In the context of cloud management, guardrails refer to the policies and guidelines that ensure the safe and compliant use of cloud resources. They act as safety measures to prevent users from making changes that could lead to security vulnerabilities or compliance issues. With a platform like Aria Hub, implementing guardrails can help maintain control over multi-cloud environments.
    • Ensure Compliance: Implementing guardrails helps maintain compliance with regulatory requirements such as GDPR, HIPAA, or industry-specific regulations.
    • Prevent Misconfigurations: By setting up specific rules and constraints, guardrails prevent users from making changes that could lead to security vulnerabilities or operational issues.
    • Cost Control: Guardrails can be used to set spending limits or alert administrators when spending is nearing a predefined threshold, helping to manage costs.
    • Automate Best Practices: They can automate the enforcement of best practices, ensuring that resources are used efficiently and securely.


  • Secure Clouds: Security is paramount in cloud management. Secure clouds involve implementing various security measures such as encryption, authentication, and monitoring to protect data and applications. Aria Hub’s centralized management can facilitate the implementation of these security measures across different cloud platforms, ensuring a consistent and robust security posture.
    • Data Protection: Encrypting data at rest and in transit ensures that sensitive information is protected from unauthorized access.
    • Monitoring and Alerting: Continuous monitoring and alerting allow for the early detection of suspicious activities or potential breaches, enabling quick response.
    • Compliance Management: Secure clouds help in meeting compliance requirements by implementing necessary controls and providing audit trails.




Integrating VMware Aria Hub with AWS


VMware Aria Hub’s integration with AWS allows for a seamless connection between the two platforms, enabling various functionalities and enhancing multi-cloud management capabilities.

Key Aspects of Integration:

  • Adding AWS Account: As a VMware Aria Hub organization owner or administrator, you can use the AWS account workflow to create roles and connections required for the account. This includes adding an account and configuring a read-only role so that VMware Aria Hub can collect data from your AWS accounts. More details.
  • AWS Bulk Onboarding: VMware has been expanding the capabilities of Aria Hub, including AWS Bulk Onboarding, to enhance the multi-cloud management platform. May Release Announcement.
  • Onboarding Existing Accounts: VMware Aria Hub can continuously discover and onboard existing cloud accounts. It creates an inventory of the resources in your AWS accounts, enforcing governance and providing visibility. Onboarding Guide


Learn more about how to Add an Amazon Web Services account to VMware Aria Hub


Connecting Kubernetes Clusters to VMware Aria Hub


VMware Aria Hub’s integration with Kubernetes enables organizations to seamlessly manage and monitor their containerized applications.

Connecting Kubernetes clusters to Aria Hub is a straightforward process. Once integrated, Aria Hub becomes a hub for all your Kubernetes-related activities. You can monitor performance, manage resources, apply policies, and much more, all from a single interface.

By integrating Kubernetes with Aria Hub, organizations can achieve a more streamlined and efficient approach to managing their containerized applications, reflecting the growing trend towards containerization and microservices architecture.


Learn more about how to Attach a Kubernetes cluster as a VMware Aria Hub data source




VMware’s Aria Hub is a powerful tool for managing multi-cloud environments, providing centralized control and visibility. While guardrails and secure clouds were not specifically mentioned in the context of Aria Hub, these concepts are integral to cloud management. Implementing guardrails ensures compliance and safety, while secure clouds protect the integrity and confidentiality of data. Together, they form a comprehensive approach to managing and securing multi-cloud infrastructures.


The integration of VMware Aria Hub with Kubernetes is a significant advancement in the field of container management. It combines the power of Kubernetes with the simplicity and control of Aria Hub, providing a unified platform that caters to both technical and business needs.


The integration of VMware Aria Hub with AWS offers a robust solution for managing and monitoring AWS resources. From adding AWS accounts to bulk onboarding and creating cloud accounts for automation, the integration ensures a streamlined approach to multi-cloud management. It reflects VMware’s commitment to providing centralized views and controls, powered by cloud-scale technology, and aligns with the growing trend of multi-cloud strategies.


Written by: Adiel Gilboa, Cloud Automation Team Lead


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