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August 30, 2022

How TeraSky Used the AWS Well-Architected Framework to Provide CAV Systems with Crucial Insights for Today and Tomorrow

The Background

CAV Systems is engaged in developing and deploying enterprise applications, from Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to banking and tour operator software. Their flexible, adaptable, and affordable solutions help their clients manage and grow their businesses.



The Challenge

Given that their products become integral to both the day-to-day operations and the long-term healthy functioning of their client’s business, CAV Systems wanted to be confident that their data architecture was solid and would support their business needs well into the future. They turned to TeraSky to execute a total review, achieve a clear picture of the state of their architecture, and identify any high-risk issues.



The Solution

As a designated AWS Well-Architected Partner, TeraSky immediately recognized that the AWS Well-Architected Framework would help them precisely achieve their client’s objectives. “Through conducting a complete well-architected report, including consideration of all six Well-Architected Pillars, we were able to understand comprehensively how well the CAV Systems architecture aligned with cloud best practices,” explained TeraSky’s VP Solution Architecture, Lir Shif. The team identified several high-risk issues and provided a complete report to the client.



The Bottom Line

Based on the belief that knowledge is power, CAV Systems asked TeraSky to conduct a full system review of their data architecture, so they could identify and decide how to respond to any high-risk issues. TeraSky’s implementation of the AWS Well-Architected Framework gave them the crucial insights they needed to make informed decisions regarding their data. “TeraSky helped us zero in on our weak points,” shared Uri Schor, CTO at CAV Systems, “which will enable us to focus our energy and money more effectively today and in the future.”

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