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February 27, 2024

Precision Scaling Success

How TeraSky and AWS Ensured Ultimate Infrastructure Agility


The Background

The Purple Line is an innovator in digital marketing that leverages the power of Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to connect advertisers with ad platforms. Their mission is to deliver the right ads to users at the right time, optimizing engagement and maximizing impact. For them, revenue is highly correlated with the agility of their data infrastructure, so they needed a system with total flexibility.


The Challenge

The Purple Line needed a highly scalable data infrastructure solution capable of rapid scale-up or down based on demand. The key requirement was the ability to scale to zero when demand was low, ensuring cost-effectiveness without compromising performance. Recognizing the complexity of their requirements, the company turned to TeraSky to devise a technical solution that could best support these goals.


The Solution
TeraSky’s team, armed with expertise in cloud technologies, deployed an innovative solution centered around Amazon Web Services (AWS). The solution involved using AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) on EC2 SPOT instances, providing the flexibility needed for rapid scaling. To handle the influx of large quantities of data without the need for infrastructure changes, AWS Kinesis was implemented for efficient data stream aggregation. The infrastructure’s ability to scale dynamically was further enhanced with AWS Lambda, allowing changes on the fly.

Uri Menuchin, VP of Cloud Engineering from TeraSky, explained, “Our focus was on achieving a high level of accuracy in scaling to ensure that The Purple Line can navigate the dynamic landscape of online advertising confidently.”


The Bottom Line
The impact of TeraSky’s solution on The Purple Line was transformative. The faster data processing and scalable infrastructure empowered the company to purchase more user traffic, leading to increased revenue. The risk of over-provisioning unnecessary resources has been mitigated, thanks to the ability to scale down to zero during low-demand periods.

In the words of The Purple Line’s CTO, Ilya Libelman, “TeraSky’s solution has been incredible for our business. The agility and precision of our advertising infrastructure have allowed us to maximize revenue without compromising efficiency. It’s a game-changer in the competitive landscape of online advertising.”

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