September 27, 2023

Introducing TeraSky’s Savings Plan Analyzer Tool

Recently, AWS launched a new feature that allows customers to easily understand and validate their Savings Plans recommendations through visual graphs.



The new hourly graphs show on-demand spending alongside the recommended Savings Plans commitment, providing insight into estimated savings as well as Savings Plans coverage and utilization. This helps customers understand how their Savings Plan applies to each hour of spending without having to invest time and resources in building models for analysis.


However, there are remaining limitations, such as the ability to choose specific coverage percentages and different time ranges or number of days to be based on.


At TeraSky, we were excited by the new AWS feature, and have identified a number of additional needs, such as the ability to choose specific coverage percentages or time ranges as a basis for the analysis. Guy Zano, TeraSky FinOps Analyst, developed an in-house Savings Plan Analyzer tool that offers tailor-made recommendations based on the customer’s specific needs and helps to achieve the optimized commitment recommendation.


The tool’s capabilities include:

  • Simulation of different coverage percentages.
  • Simulation of coverage additional to an existing Savings Plan.
  • Simulate a combination of multiple SP strategies
  • Ability to see all purchase options in one place
  • Option to choose Savings Plan recommendation based on:
    o Org Level
    o Specific Accounts
    o Specific Regions
    o Specific Tags
    o Specific time range (ignore unusual spikes/decreases)


Take, for instance, a scenario where a customer currently maintains a Savings Plan commitment of $10 per hour, with a coverage goal of 85%. Through the Savings Plan Analyzer tool, users can effortlessly explore different commitment recommendations, assess their current state, and evaluate final coverage options—all within a neatly organized interface comprising three informative tables.




Customer’s current state:

  • Savings Plan commitment of $10 per hour.
  • Current coverage of 28%
  • Coverage goal of 85%




Savings Plan Analyzer tool Recommendations:
There are three tables

  1. Commitment recommendation
  2. Current commitment state
  3. Final Coverage, including the current and recommended commitment



In summary, the new Savings Plan Visualization Feature introduced by AWS marks a valuable leap forward in the realm of cost optimization, granting users newfound insights into their cloud expenditure. However, TeraSky’s Savings Plan Analyzer tool adds an extra layer of sophistication, providing the flexibility and customization options necessary to ensure that Savings Plans are not just a standard solution but a tailored strategy that aligns seamlessly with each customer’s unique goals and requirements. By addressing the limitations of the AWS feature and offering an enhanced level of customization, TeraSky’s tool emerges as an invaluable asset for businesses seeking to unlock the full potential of their cloud cost savings.


Written by: Halit Levin, FinOps & Customer Success Manager

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