December 13, 2023

Keep It Simple! Straightforward Storage Without Sacrifice

Companies face a litany of challenges to achieve sustainable business growth. In addition to perfecting their core services, they must be able to maximize the data infrastructure on which they operate to support their internal needs as well as the needs of their clients. One particular sticking point for many throughout this process is data storage, often viewed only as mundane hardware deemed too complex, burdensome, and expensive.


At TeraSky, a leading Pure partner, we know this doesn’t need to be the case. Thanks to Pure, storage is now a high-tech solution that seamlessly integrates into your operations, allowing you to focus on innovation without micromanaging. Pure addresses the shortcomings of legacy storage systems to create an environment where your technology simply works, effortlessly supporting your endeavors.


When storage technology falls short of business needs, the consequences can be frustrating at best and disastrous at worst. Indeed, traditional storage suffers from a variety of problems. Its inherent complexity leads to increased maintenance, person-hours, and resource management costs. Its rigidity hinders the ability to add new capabilities, adapt, and innovate quickly. Traditional storage by and large fails to provide resilience against modern threats in backup and recovery. All of these issues – and the energy and brain-power they demand – compound to make data management with traditional storage a hindrance to, rather than a catalyst for, innovation.


The solution lies in simplicity, a principle that isn’t always easy to achieve. To empower innovators, Pure transformed storage by designing systems to be inherently straightforward. Unlike other storage vendors, Pure’s DirectFlash® approach speaks to flash storage natively, simplifying their DirectFlash Modules (DFMs) without the need for complex logic and components. Purity, the software-defined heart of Pure’s all-flash arrays, streamlines operations and unifies storage in a way legacy systems cannot match. Simplicity is inherent, too, in Pure’s Evergreen architecture, offering powerful features and efficiency SLAs. Evergreen offers unparalleled ease of use and power for every workload, future-proofing with upgrades that don’t cause downtime or disruption and no product reaching the end of life, and easy oversight from single workloads to entire data estates through a single pane of glass.


The wait is over. The all-flash data center is here. And TeraSky’s engineers are the leading experts in making it work for you. Uncomplicate your data storage forever with TeraSky, your trusted partner for Pure Storage.

If you still have questions, or would like to learn more about Pure Storage , reach out to us! Our experts are here to help.

Pure Storage

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