October 26, 2022

Losing Money to Poor Application Integration? That stops now.

Application integration is the process of making it possible for independently designed applications to work together. Integration ensures companies achieve the most efficient and cost-effective setup when done well. But what happens when integration is done poorly?
Businesses lose money, plain and simple.


Of 323 survey respondents in a recent survey, 85% reported losing money on an ongoing basis due to integration challenges, with more than a quarter losing sums north of $500,000 annually. The most often cited reason? Legacy systems and manual processes led the list, followed by not having enough staff with the right expertise.


This is precisely what TeraSky is here for. Our team isn’t only fluent in every one of the leading tools and solutions on the market today – we also have the wisdom that comes from having grown up with the technology industry itself. TeraSky was formed by the founders of MBI, one of the most well-respected storage and backup solution providers of the 1980s for the burgeoning technology industry. Today, our engineers’ design integration strategies that are as elegant as they are groundbreaking. Our ongoing MSP services provide optimization and support that our competitors can’t match – all laser-focused on providing solutions that help you reach your business goals. When we say that our expertise is deep and broad, we say it because we remember how it used to be, know what’s possible, and understand how to get you there.


Don’t let any more money slip through the cracks of poor or insufficient application integration – reach out now.

Reach out today to get started!

Application Integration

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