February 16, 2022

Migrate and optimize VMware operations on AWS by leveraging TeraSky’s expertise

How would you like to benefit from a 26% reduction in digital infrastructure costs along with a 35% lower operational costs over a three-year period?1


These are actual figures reported by businesses deploying applications and processes on a VMware Cloud developed to make the most of hybrid cloud’s many and varied potentialities.

Applications have become the lifeblood of most organizations, reshaping business models and entire industries as they enable optimized engagement with customers and drive revenue. The rapid growth in cloud technologies has created both challenges and opportunities, with the accelerating pace of innovation making it difficult to keep abreast of the latest innovations.

Yet it’s easy enough to start optimizing your applications by maximizing VMware capabilities on AWS, the world’s largest public cloud. Here you can enrich them with 200+ native AWS services, modern frameworks such as Kubernetes, and automatic underlying infrastructure operations with DevOps tooling.

The question is – how do you migrate your processes to AWS swiftly, simply, and securely?


A complex challenge

Your IT team – along, it must be said, with the IT departments in most organizations – would probably be at a complete loss when faced with the challenge of transferring VMware systems to AWS.

The effort required to migrate applications to the cloud is often underestimated, resulting in projects running over time and budget, while failing to deliver many of the strategic goals aimed for.

A fragmented technology ecosystem and a lack of integration capabilities hinder the ability to rapidly innovate.

Applications need re-factoring to run in public clouds. Machine formats would have to be converted, and everything must be thoroughly revalidated.

Even once the transition is completed, you’d probably find that infrastructure automation, or transformations utilizing modern frameworks such as containers, leads to disruptions of business operations.

Added to this, there’s the increased burden of hiring, training, and retraining personnel with the cloud skills required to maintain operations.

Obviously, you need to avoid the high costs and high risks that could be involved in your application and infrastructure modernization.

The perfect solution is available – a team with proven expertise, pioneering tooling, and unrivaled experience who works with you to enable a quick, smooth, faultless transition.


Beat the complexity of new technologies

TeraSky is both an AWS leading partner and VMware partner of the year, being the only partner with seven Master Competency Services.

Having worked together for years with AWS and VMware, TeraSky has an unrivaled experience including around twenty SDDC (software-defined data center) migrations for companies worldwide operating in finance, security, pharma, and many other areas.

Cutting through the complexity of even the most demanding challenges, TeraSky’s expertise ensures the migration and creation of a managed SDDC only takes 2 hours, and usually without involving any downtime.

Yet following this remarkably swift transition, the potential growth of your environment is almost limitless, with the addition of extra hosts taking only about fifteen minutes.

Supporting every step of your modernization, from technological solutions to expert counsel,
TeraSky enables cost-effective digital transformations all the way through deployment and onboarding to fulfilling any further requirements you might have.

They deliver operational frameworks, practices, and tools to orchestrate and enable efficient, effective operations across new and complex environments.

Through driving a smooth, safe, and successful digital transformation, they help you reach your strategic goals with lower TCO and higher business velocity.


The perfect combination

With the same architecture and operational experience on-premises and in the cloud, a combined AWS and VMware hybrid cloud delivers consistency across on-premises and cloud infrastructures.

This empowers IT teams to manage their cloud-based resources via familiar VMware tools and leverage existing skills and processes to quickly drive instant business value.

VMware Cloud on AWS enables organizations to achieve a 69% lower cost of migration (plus 71% less staff time to support the migration) than they’d achieve on public cloud.2

It similarly grants a 28% lower cost than building out a fully private cloud, including 33% less staff time.3

The unified infrastructure both eases new application development and the updating of existing ones, utilizing modern frameworks such as Kubernetes and containers, which can be run with the support of VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Plus.

Added to this, AWS offers 17 regions in all major geographies, granting high-speed, low-latency access to almost two hundred specialized native services via AWS internal communication at no additional charge.

Further support for application transformation is available through a wide range of VMware and third-party ISV ecosystem solutions, while VMware Software-as-a-Service provisioning delivers seamless operations across the hybrid cloud.

VMware vSphere® users will also find they have a powerful solution bringing together the best of private and public cloud in one simple-to-use service, with no need to refactor their current applications.


Differentiation that delivers a competitive edge

VMware Cloud on AWS delivers a unified experience comprising architecture, operations, and tools that’s future-ready, flexibly adapting to swiftly changing business needs and challenges.

It enables enterprises to achieve operational and infrastructure consistencies across the data center and cloud, delivering unrivaled support and maximum agility empowering application optimization and the smooth running of critical business processes.

It’s now easier than ever, too, to take advantage of what in many cases are previously unavailable capabilities.

TeraSky has all the experience, expertise, and ingenious tooling to show you the way to making more innovative cloud technologies.


1,2,3: IDC, The Business Value of Hybrid Cloud with VMware, August 2019

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