March 2, 2022

Migrating an app to the cloud can be daunting. Here’s who can help.

With VMware Cloud on AWS and TeraSky, the road to modern infrastructure is smooth.
Applications have become the lifeblood of most organizations, optimizing customer engagement and driving revenue. The corresponding growth in cloud technologies has created opportunities for application scaling. However, most IT departments in most organizations find themselves at a loss when faced with the challenge of transferring applications to the cloud.


A complex challenge
The effort required to migrate applications to the cloud is often underestimated, resulting in projects that run over time and budget while failing to deliver the desired strategic results. Applications need re-factoring to run in public clouds. Machine formats must be converted and everything thoroughly revalidated. After migration, infrastructure automation or transformations utilizing frameworks like containers can disrupt business operations. Hiring and training (or retraining) personnel with the skills required to maintain operations add further burden. The costs and risks of modernizing application infrastructure can seem insurmountable.


The perfect combination
Since 2016, VMware and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have delivered VMC on AWS, a combined cloud service offering a unified experience of architecture, operations, and tools. The combination enables operational and infrastructure consistency across data center and cloud, achieving application optimization and the smooth running of critical business processes.
In fact,a study published by the IDC showed that VMC on AWS helped organizations achieve a 69% lower cost of migration (plus 71% less staff time to support the migration) than possible on the public cloud.1 Compared with building a full private cloud, VMware’s SDDC on AWS achieves 28% lower costs, including 33% less staff time.2 Over three years, companies benefited from a 26% reduction in digital infrastructure costs and 35% lower operational costs.3


Beat the complexity of new technologies
An Israeli company with offices in Tel Aviv, Europe, and the United States, TeraSky is both an AWS leading partner and VMware partner of the year – the only Israeli partner with seven Master Services Competencies. TeraSky has implemented dozens of SDDC migrations for companies worldwide. For example, TeraSky recently accelerated a client’s migration by using VMware’s vSphere virtualization platform, migrating all data simultaneously and eliminating the need to convert each individual server. By moving to VMC on AWS, the client gained full access to AWS’s cloud solutions and traffic, enabling scaling, enhanced speed, and improved flexibility at no additional cost. TeraSky also expertly customized the solution to enable continued use of a client-required third-party firewall tool.


“We invest deeply in our partner relationships, which gives our team unrivaled knowledge and context to think creatively. Some of our most elegant solutions have involved implementing VMC on AWS for the incredible speed of migration, improved flexibility, and scaling on-demand,” noted TeraSky CEO Ofir Abekasis.


This blog was contributed by:
Yev Berman (Hybrid Cloud & Automation Team Leader), Tsachi Benassayag (Hybrid Cloud Solution Specialist), and Sagi Ilan (Hybrid Cloud & Automation Senior Consultant)


1,2,3: IDC, The Business Value of Hybrid Cloud with VMware, August 2019

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