June 9, 2022

Modernize Your Way, with Solutions from VMware and Guidance from TeraSky


The world of tech increasingly revolves around applications, and the corresponding growth in cloud technologies has blown wide open the opportunities for application scaling. However, most IT departments in most organizations find transferring applications to the cloud and then managing them efficiently both a significant challenge and a distraction from their core tasks. As a VMware partner, TeraSky guides customers through the process of planning and executing the precise implementation of VMware tools to achieve their unique business objectives. Two of the most powerful VMware tools are VMware Cloud on AWS and Tanzu.




VMware Cloud on AWS: The Perfect Combination

VMware Cloud (VMC) on AWS is a combined cloud service offering a unified experience of architecture, operations, and tools. The combination enables operational and infrastructure consistency across data center and cloud, achieving application optimization and the smooth running of critical business processes.

In fact, a study published by the IDC showed that VMC on AWS helped organizations achieve a 69% lower cost of migration (plus 71% less staff time to support the migration) than possible on the public cloud.1 Compared with building a full private cloud, VMC on AWS achieves 28% lower costs, including 33% less staff time.2 Over three years, companies benefited from a 26% reduction in digital infrastructure costs and 35% lower operational costs.3




VMware Tanzu

VMware Tanzu forges IT and DevOps into an efficiently unified force enabling the transformative business results you’re seeking. It ensures high performance with 90% faster environment provisioning and enables agile operations that are 69% more efficient thanks to a multi-cloud infrastructure that is secure, scalable, accessible, and cost-effective. By automating the path to production using a supply chain of frameworks, services, and open-source tech, Tanzu enables 61% swifter release cycles, meaning your team can spend 37% more time actually coding; and thanks to optimized portability, it helps smooth migration to different clouds as operational needs evolve.


One of the tools within the Tanzu suite is the Tanzu Application Platform (TAP), a modular, application-aware platform that unifies and empowers IT and DevOps teams to build, run, and manage apps on any cloud. It creates a centrally managed, common model for clouds, clusters, and applications, powering self-service and DevOp-ready infrastructure while providing observability and workload troubleshooting to IT teams.




The TeraSky Advantage

The effort required to integrate and master these tools to benefit from them fully is often underestimated, resulting in projects that run over time and budget while failing to deliver the desired strategic results. The costs and risks of modernizing application infrastructure can seem insurmountable. When working with TeraSky, migrating to VMC on AWS or implementing VMware Tanzu is quick, easy, and efficiently optimized. Our unrivaled proficiency of proven expertise and specialized tooling is backed by all seven of VMware’s master-level certifications. Named VMware’s Partner of the Year, TeraSky has successfully managed countless software-defined data center (SDDC) migrations for companies worldwide. The implementation of a managed SDDC is ready for payload migration in under two hours, and we support it all the way through deployment and onboarding. One recent client, one of Europe’s largest financial institutions, saw a 100% increase in online activity after TeraSky’s upgrade.


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