February 14, 2022

Multi-cloud infrastructure that’s cost-effective, scalable, secure, and highly accessible

87% of business and IT decision-makers agree that greater alignment among stakeholders involved in software development leads to more successful digital transformations.1

Leveraging Tanzu’s portfolio of innovative technologies, VMware Tanzu forges IT and DevOps into an efficiently unified force enabling the transformative business results you’re seeking.

By simplifying your multi-cloud operations, VMware Tanzu delivers self-service access to developer-ready infrastructure for your DevOps teams, while granting IT observability and troubleshooting for workloads.

It empowers you to build, run and manage modern apps on any cloud with a 61% faster release time, while continuously providing optimized value to your customers.2

By utilizing VMware Tanzu’s many advantages, you could be benefiting from a 90% faster environment provisioning and 69% more efficient operations.3



Modernize at your own pace with VMware Tanzu


Like most large enterprises of today, the applications that are essential to your business exist as millions of lines of code that are very difficult to maintain and change.

VMware Tanzu offers full-stack transformations, enabling you to modernize your existing portfolio and revolutionize your applications and infrastructure in a way that’s right for you and at your own pace.

If your first priority is to build better software faster, it helps you modernize the applications that matter most, automating the path to production with faster release cycles utilizing a supply chain of frameworks, services, and validated opensource tech.

You can migrate your apps to the cloud whenever you’re ready, leveraging the portability required to move to different clouds as operational needs change.

As for infrastructure, VMware Tanzu helps you establish a simpler, unified model for multi-cloud operations, enabling you to manage your clouds, clusters, and applications centrally, securely, and at scale.


The simple, efficient way to implement VMware Tanzu

Implementing VMware Tanzu is quick, easy, and efficiently optimized when working with TeraSky, whose unrivaled proficiency of proven expertise and specialized tooling is backed by all seven of VMware’s master-level certifications.

As one of only a few companies worldwide to achieve all seven certifications, TeraSky’s many areas of recognized expertise include Cloud Management and Automation, Network Virtualization, and Cloud Foundation Competency.

What’s more, TeraSky has now been recognized as VMware 2021 Partner of the Year.

Investing heavily in pioneering integration strategies enabling businesses to leverage VMware technologies to the full, TeraSky can ensure you make more of Tanzu’s numerous capabilities including:

  • Tanzu Application Catalog (TAC): A catalog of open-source containers and virtual machine images, TAC delivers pre-packaged app components streamlining development.
  • Tanzu Build Service (TBS): Executing builds to user-defined configurations, TBS also utilizes Cloud Native Buildpacks to resolve certain common vulnerabilities and exposures without a rebuild.
  • Tanzu Observability: Delivering full-stack visibility of your containers, nodes, and pods, TO
    correlates data across DevOps tools of your choice with packaged dashboards, metrics, and alerts.
  • Tanzu Data Services (TDS): With on-demand caching, messaging, and database software for app development, auto-failover, and autoscaling, TDS negates the need for daily detailing of app performance.
  • Tanzu RabbitMQ: Serving as the central nervous system integrating previously loosely coupled systems, this empowers app developers to ensure interoperability, reliability, and scalability.
  • Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Multicloud (TKGm): Possessing full awareness of multi-cluster operations, TKGm provides an upstream-compatible Kubernetes substrate ready for workloads and ecosystem integrations.


Keep ahead of the tech curve with agile operations

When TeraSky implemented an enterprise-grade ecosystem on VMware Tanzu for one of Europe’s largest financial institutions, the monthly usage of their online services increased to nearly 100%.

TeraSky’s certification-backed specialism can also help you take advantage of deploying VMware solutions to maximize impact.


Are you ready to give your business a critical competitive edge?

Then team up with the acknowledged experts in delivering accelerated business operations.


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