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February 20, 2024

Overcoming On-Premise Hurdles for Agility with TeraSky and AWS

The Background


Panaya provides Change Intelligence solutions to streamline the implementation of changes in business applications such as SAP®, Oracle® EBS, and, reducing time, cost, and risk. Accustomed to the highest standards, Panaya needed to modernize its development infrastructure to allow rapid deployment.


The Challenge


Panaya’s development environment provisioning process, heavily reliant on manual efforts through VMware vSphere, became a significant roadblock in the company’s progress. The time-consuming and error-prone nature of manual provisioning created a multitude of challenges:

  • DevOps Burden: The precious time and resources of the DevOps team were constantly drained by manually configuring individual environments. This not only limited their ability to focus on strategic tasks but also created a bottleneck, delaying overall development progress.
  • Developer Inefficiency: Developers faced frustrating delays in acquiring the environments they needed, leading to lost productivity and decreased morale. This ultimately contributed to slower time to market and hindered the company’s ability to respond to market demands and competitor advances.
  • Operational Inefficiencies: The lack of automation translated to increased operational costs associated with labor and resource utilization. Additionally, the manual process invited inconsistencies.


To enhance development processes and foster agility, Panaya sought to pursue the adoption of Infrastructure as Code (IaC), As an AWS Premier Tier Services Partner, TeraSky was the clear choice to guide them through the process of deploying new infrastructure seamlessly within their existing environment while minimizing disruption.


The Solution

TeraSky began by addressing the immediate problems and resolving the client’s primary concerns. Terasky orchestrated a transformation, deploying a solution that seamlessly intertwined automation and self-service. Utilizing Infrastructure as Code (IaC) through Terraform, they replaced time-consuming manual efforts with pre-built modules.


As Andrey Vasiliev, TeraSky Senior Cloud Platform Engineer, explained, “By utilizing an ‘on-click’ environment to AWS, developers are now able to consume preconfigured full deployments on demand without any DevOps effort.”


The Bottom Line

TeraSky’s solution wasn’t just an upgrade; it was a complete transformation, giving Panaya newfound agility and efficiency. It was also a clear demonstration of the impact that embracing cloud adoption, Infrastructure as Code (IaC), and self-service can have. For TeraSky, the goal is not only about improving processes; it’s about empowering developers and paving the way for a future that thrives on innovation and speed.

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