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October 25, 2023

Empowering Giants: Portworx Success Stories Across Industries

According to an Oracle report, over 50% of Fortune 100 companies have adopted Kubernetes. As a software-defined storage solution designed specifically for containerized applications, including those orchestrated by Kubernetes, Portworx from Pure Storage is helping many of those businesses transform their operations. Portworx empowers organizations with persistent storage, data protection, and DBPaaS capabilities for Kubernetes and container-based ecosystems. Doing so enables them to quickly deploy applications, scale their operations, and lower their costs. From healthcare to automotive, here are just a few ways Portworx is helping giants in every vertical.


Healthcare Industry: Revolutionizing Patient Care


When one multinational company specializing in medical products adopted Portworx and migrated to a container-first approach, they reduced app development time from weeks to days, ensuring a flexible, self-service experience for developers while avoiding technical debt. Portworx achieved performance goals for databases and stateful applications, enhancing resilience and cost optimization across multiple cloud platforms. This allowed the company to offer Database-as-a-Service, meeting data sovereignty requirements and reducing the need for costly Virtual Machine licenses. Moreover, the implementation led to a significant 200% improvement in developer productivity.


CHG Healthcare: Enhancing Patient Experiences


CHG Healthcare, America’s largest healthcare recruitment and staffing company, turned to Portworx to enhance its digital portal and improve patient experiences. By leveraging Portworx, CHG optimized its Kubernetes storage management, enabling rapid development cycles for new software apps. The result? Annual savings of $60,000 in data streaming and management costs while significantly speeding up the software development cycle, ensuring efficient and streamlined operations.


Financial Services Industry: Redefining Finance with Portworx


A major digital financial services company serving 4.5 million customers utilizes Portworx to scale seamlessly with zero downtime. By relying on Portworx for intelligent storage provisioning, they eliminated unused storage capacity and achieved optimal storage automation and cost efficiency alongside Pure FlashArray. They also successfully migrated to the new OpenShift Container Platform, a move made possible by Portworx that solidified its role as their standard data management and disaster recovery platform.


Telecommunications Industry: Elevating Customer Experience


Comcast, the most prominent American multinational telecommunications company, turned to Portworx to enhance its services, including broadcasting, cable TV, telephone, and internet. Portworx enabled Comcast to achieve over one million I/O operations per second (IOPS) with near-zero failure rates, ensuring fast and reliable voice, data, and digital TV content delivery. By aggregating end-user data, Portworx allowed Comcast to analyze usage patterns and generate actionable insights, significantly improving customer experiences across various business units. With Portworx’s support, Comcast established a purpose-built private cloud for stateful applications, enhancing developer efficiency in managing cable TV and DVR video infrastructure. This strategic move was crucial for Comcast to maintain high-quality content delivery and outperform competitors, marking a substantial improvement in user experiences.


Automotive Industry: Driving Innovation with Portworx


A prominent American multinational automobile manufacturer, generating over $100 billion in annual revenue, embraced digital transformation by morphing cars into advanced consumer gadgets. Leveraging Kubernetes and Portworx, they optimized their OpenShift platform for running, scaling, backing up, and recovering critical applications. Portworx enabled automated storage management, fostering cost efficiency and cloud-native modernization for legacy applications. By adopting Portworx, the company ensured reliable access to data, paving the way for innovation and eliminating barriers in their environment through fast and reliable container storage.


This diverse range of companies and industries each have their own Portworx success story – and when taken together, these case studies make a compelling argument for exploring what Portworx can do for you. As one of the leading Pure Partners and with a deep understanding of Portworx’s capabilities, TeraSky can assist your organization in seamless implementation, ensuring you unlock the full potential of this transformative technology. Embrace the future of innovation with Portworx and TeraSky, and let your organization embark on a journey of unparalleled growth and efficiency.

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