October 18, 2022

Pure Storage and VMware’s New Collaboration, Explained

How the New PVD Brings the Advantages of Portworx to Tanzu Users

In a recent press release, TeraSky partner Pure Storage announced that, in collaboration with VMware, they had released a new Pure Validated Design for VMware Tanzu. The PVD provides mutual customers with a complete, full-stack solution for deploying mission-critical, data-rich workloads in production environments.


What does any of this mean for you? Let’s break it down:

Modern applications are built using containers and orchestrated by Kubernetes. This gives them nearly infinite portability, scalability, flexibility, and automation, which provide critical future-proofing. However, a traditional, infrastructure-centric approach to data services can’t fully address the needs and requirements of applications like these. To get Kubernetes-granular data services that remain consistent across on-prem and the cloud, modern apps need a purpose-built Kubernetes data services platform that maintains a persistence layer.


What is Portworx?
Portworx by Pure Storage is exactly this platform, enabling any cloud-native data service to run on Kubernetes. It provides fully integrated solutions for data protection and security, disaster recovery, cross-cloud and data migrations, persistent storage, and capacity management for applications that run on Kubernetes. It also boasts features like replication, high availability, and data protection for TKG deployments.


What is Tanzu?
VMware Tanzu is a Kubernetes cluster-management platform with a suite of products designed to simplify deploying and managing containerized workloads across multi-cloud environments. Tanzu allows organizations to use their existing investments in infrastructure to run enterprise-grade Kubernetes inside their own data centers, enabling them to build, run, and manage modern applications without needing to immediately or completely migrate to the cloud.


What is the new PVD?
Developed hand-in-hand with VMware, Pure’s new PVD integrates and validates its leading-edge storage technology with VMware Tanzu. It provides comprehensive architecture, including design considerations and deployment best practices, that customers can use to give their stateful applications running on VMware Tanzu access to the critical container-granular storage and data management provided by Portworx.


Who needs this?
The Portworx-Tanzu PVD is perfect for organizations that are using VMware’s Tanzu and that don’t want to spend resources architecting and managing a custom Kubernetes storage layer. Thanks to the PVD, these organizations can accelerate their modernization journeys by offloading onto Portworx all the tasks that do not generate customer value.


What are the main benefits of this combination for Tanzu users?

The primary benefits of the PVD include:

  1. Dynamic Volume Provisioning – Provides scalable container-granular volumes to Kubernetes application
  2. App-centric Data Protection – Delivers container-granular backup and security for mission-critical modern applications on Tanzu
  3. Disaster Recovery – Enables customers to build disaster recovery solutions for their apps running on VMware Tanzu. PX-DR provides synchronous and asynchronous replication capabilities to enable cloud-native applications to have the resiliency needed to meet predefined service-level agreements (SLAs).
  4. App-granular Mobility – Makes it possible to move applications across clusters, racks on vSphere on-prem, VMware Cloud on AWS, Azure VMware Solution, or any other cloud.


In general, regardless of whether an organization chooses to run their VMware Tanzu clusters on-premises or in the public cloud, they can always rely on Portworx to provide the same set of storage and data services for their Tanzu applications.


TeraSky is a proud partner of both Pure and VMware, with leading experts in both solutions. If you’re considering embarking on the process of app modernization, or if you’re already using Tanzu and want to know how Portworx can address your storage and backup needs, talk to us first!

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