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July 20, 2023

Scalable and Secure AWS Setup for Ideal Website Hosting: A Case Study



A leading provider of metrology solutions for semiconductor manufacturing needed a comprehensive solution to host their new website and establish a robust and secure AWS environment from scratch. They reached out to TeraSky for help addressing their AWS hosting requirements.


The Challenge:


The company approached TeraSky with a specific request to host their new WordPress website on AWS, necessitating the creation of three distinct environments: Test, Stage, and Production. The challenge lay in developing a solution that adhered to AWS best practices, encompassed essential security measures, and provided a seamless and scalable environment for the website. Additionally, the solution needed to be cost-effective, optimizing AWS resources and minimizing unnecessary expenditures.


The Solution:


To meet the stated requirements and deliver an efficient and secure AWS environment, TeraSky devised a comprehensive solution centered around an AWS Landing Zone using Control Tower. This approach allowed TeraSky to establish the fundamental building blocks for the client’s AWS infrastructure, incorporating prescriptive best practices and aligning with AWS security and well-architected recommendations.


“In addition to the AWS Landing Zone,” explained Uri Menuhin, VP of Cloud Engineering at TeraSky, “we implemented a Hub & Spoke network architecture to optimize network connectivity and resource management. This design included AWS WAF and CDN solutions to optimize end-user experience.

To achieve WordPress’s high availability, we used AWS eFS, which provides a robust central storage solution for the WordPress website.
Overall, AWS eFS offers a reliable, scalable, and high-performance file storage solution for WordPress.



The Bottom Line:


The implementation of TeraSky’s solution has significantly impacted the client’s post-implementation operations. The company now enjoys an up-and-running production solution that aligns with AWS’s best practices, ensuring scalability and resilience. With the AWS Landing Zone and Hub & Spoke network architecture in place, they have gained the ability to effectively govern their AWS multi-account environment, enabling streamlined management and enhanced control.


The solution also makes it easy to optimize resource allocation through the Hub & Spoke network design, translating into reduced costs and improved resource utilization, which ultimately bolsters the bottom line. A client representative commented, “Having a scalable, secure, and optimized environment that aligns with industry best practices is priceless. TeraSky’s professionalism and commitment to delivering exceptional results have been instrumental in achieving our goals.”



If you still have questions, or would like to learn more about an AWS Landing Zone using Control Tower, reach out to us! Our AWS experts are here to help.

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