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November 13, 2023

Seamless Transitions: Broadway Gaming’s Line of Business Migration Journey



Broadway Gaming, a prominent entity in the online gaming realm, recently secured the acquisition of the Bingo Line of Business (LOB) from 888 Holdings, an esteemed industry counterpart.

Integral to this acquisition was transferring all Bingo-related digital assets from 888 Holdings’ data center to a fresh environment under Broadway Gaming’s ownership.

Recognizing the capabilities of AWS for housing these workloads, Broadway Gaming engaged TeraSky’s expertise for planning and executing the migration.



Assessment and Planning with TeraSky:


TeraSky undertook a thorough planning process involving technical meetings and in-depth sessions to gain a complete understanding of the existing architecture.

It became evident that migrating from the existing infrastructure would be a challenge. Many of the application’s dependent services were proprietary to 888 Holdings and were not part of the migration.

This revelation demanded innovative solutions and architectural modifications. After a careful review, TeraSky compiled a comprehensive Low-Level Design document.

This detailed guide covered many topics, including Identity Management, Database Clusters, Caching Mechanisms, Security Protocols, Container Orchestration, Virtual Desktops, and more.



Execution Phase:


With the assessment phase complete, TeraSky and Broadway Gaming initiated the execution stage, which spanned roughly 12 months.

The TeraSky team, with diverse expertise, spearheads the migration—working hand in hand with the Broadway team and maintaining open communication channels.

They anticipated challenges and were agile in their approach. If issues arose, the team had a robust mechanism in place to swiftly address them, test alternate solutions in internal labs, and adapt as needed.



The Result:


Broadway Gaming successfully transitioned to the new platform ahead of the scheduled timeline. The migration witnessed minimal disruptions and only a few non-critical challenges.

To ensure everything proceeded without a hitch, the TeraSky team was on-site for 24 hours during the cutoff from the 888 environment, followed by another 24 hours of remote monitoring.

In conclusion, this partnership between 888 Holdings, Broadway Gaming, and TeraSky underscores the importance of thorough planning, collaboration, and flexibility in ensuring a successful digital transformation.


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