November 21, 2023

Survey Says: TeraSky’s MSP Services Shine Bright

Navigating the complex landscape of cloud computing demands more than just a service provider—it requires a partner who excels in understanding unique business needs. Companies relying on cloud services need partners who understand their unique needs and go the extra mile to optimize costs, enhance efficiency, and provide top-notch technical support. TeraSky strives to be a leading light in the MSP landscape, and the outstanding feedback from our recent customer satisfaction survey speaks volumes.


Customer happiness is the chief motivation and goal for TeraSky as a whole and for the Customer Success team in particular, and we spare no effort in ensuring we achieve it every time. With that in mind, TeraSky recently conducted a customer satisfaction survey focused on our MSP services, asking pertinent questions to gauge our clients’ experiences. Clients rated TeraSky’s MSP services an impressive 8.5 average out of 10, indicating high satisfaction and trust in the company’s expertise. The FinOps services, tools, and TeraSky’s – dare we say it? – incredibly cool automation also received an average rating of 8.5, highlighting the significant positive impact on clients’ ability to optimize costs and save money. Similarly, the technical knowledge and professionalism of TeraSky’s support team pulled an average rating of 8.4, showcasing the team’s expertise and dedication.


These scores are a testament to TeraSky’s commitment to excellence and the tangible benefits of our comprehensive approach to cloud-managed services. We don’t just scratch the surface; instead, we delve deep into our clients’ existing AWS architectures through unique Deep Dive sessions. During these sessions, our MSP experts conduct detailed reviews, examining client setups through a DevOps lens to identify improvement and cost-reducing architecture opportunities. Even if your system is well-optimized, TeraSky’s ongoing reviews, expert recommendations, and interventions ensure nothing hampers your setup’s optimal performance.


In the competitive realm of cloud computing, partnering with the right MSP can be a game-changer for businesses. TeraSky’s exceptional MSP services, as highlighted by our outstanding customer feedback, make us the partner of choice for companies seeking reliable, efficient, and cost-effective cloud-managed services.

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