December 24, 2023

Taking the Guesswork Out of Cloud Management For Good

VMware Aria Operations marks a significant advancement in IT operations management, presenting a unified, AI-powered platform aimed at revolutionizing how organizations oversee their private, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments. At its core, Aria Operations offers unmatched visibility into the entire technology stack, covering physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructure components. Having this comprehensive view enables IT teams to proactively manage performance, optimize capacity, control costs, ensure compliance, and address root causes efficiently.


Aria Operations supports major cloud providers such as VMware Cloud on AWS, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, and vSphere-based on-premises private clouds. This ensures a cohesive and centralized approach to IT operations management, regardless of the complexity and diversity of the underlying infrastructure. Aria Operations goes beyond being just a tool; it is a comprehensive suite that brings a cloud-like experience to on-premises environments, offering a forward-looking approach to IT operations.


Aria Operations uses artificial intelligence to deliver continuous performance optimization and intelligent remediation, making it a self-driving solution. The platform not only provides visibility but actively empowers IT teams to transition from reactive firefighting to a proactive stance. By offering a comprehensive view of the entire technology stack, including physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructure components, this tool equips teams with the insights needed to anticipate and address issues before they impact operations. Aria Operations delivers continuous performance optimization, efficient capacity, and cost management, intelligent remediation, and integrated compliance.


Aria Operations takes it a step further by allowing users to run “what if” scenarios. With Aria, organizations can simulate different scenarios ahead of time to assess the potential impact on their infrastructure, enabling informed decision-making. This proactive approach enhances risk management and contributes to optimizing resource utilization, preventing potential issues before they arise, and helping firms avoid cloud repatriation – situations where companies that have migrated to the cloud decide to revert to their original on-premises environments due to overwhelming cloud management planning, costs, or requirements.


VMware’s Aria Operations stands as a robust and comprehensive platform that enables IT professionals to take proactive measures in managing their on-premises environment, providing a cloud-like experience through the Aria Operations suite. By offering visibility, running “what if” scenarios, and providing a wide range of management packs, Aria Operations empowers IT teams to navigate the complexities of modern environments seamlessly. In today’s dynamic IT landscape, where agility and responsiveness are paramount, this shift is crucial.


Written By: Guy Lev, Cloud Solution Architect

If you still have questions, or would like to learn more about VMware Arie Operations, reach out to us! Our VMware experts are here to help.

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