November 27, 2022

TeraSky and Pure Storage Join Forces to Bring Flashcrew to Israel

On Nov 24, 2022, we were proud to co-host with Pure Storage the inaugural FlashCrew user group Israel meetup! Our customers and prospects came together to share best practices, participate in in-depth technical discussions, and get exposed to new products and features.


FlashCrew is a Pure Storage User Group created to enable knowledge and experience interchange between Pure engineers, customers, and prospects. By creating a purpose-oriented organization, we are assuring the high quality of the content as well as a unique experience for the members around the newest features in the all-flash technology and a valuable network of Pure Storage users.
“These kinds of meetups are incredibly valuable,” said TeraSky CEO Ofir Abekasis. “Speaking with others can often help answer questions you didn’t even know you had. We were happy to have joined forces with Pure to host this event and are very much looking forward to the next one!”


Sessions were led by Pure Storage and TeraSky experts. Session highlights can be found below :



Macej Bocian, Country Manager CEE, Pure Storage
Macej overviewed with us Pure Storage’s presence in the region and how they bring value for customers to help them grow 100% yearly.


What’s New in Purity
Bogusz Blaszkiewicz, System Engineering Team Leader, Pure Storage
Bogusz shared the latest and freshest details on Purity OS capabilities in the primary storage from Pure together with Pure portfolio introduction for newcomers.


FlashArray XL Deep-Dive
Cristian Stan, System Engineer, Pure Storage
In our fast-paced digital world, where application demand can shoot up instantly, new apps need to deploy in weeks instead of months, and cyberattacks make the daily news. Cristian shared with us how FlashArray//XL storage delivers the performance, scale, and security business needs to stay ahead. Built to work with the cloud-like operating model of Pure Fusion™, FlashArray//XL from Pure Storage powers “platinum” storage tiers effortlessly.


Analytics at scale with FlashBlade
Bogusz Blaszkiewicz, System Engineering Team Leader, Pure Storage
The only true scale-out solution from Pure Storage to support the ultimate data hub for the analytics, AI, ML, log parsing, or simply rapid restore of the data, Bogusz dove deep into Flashblade through the use case.


Pure Storage Evolution & Roadmap
Fred Lherault, CTO Emerging, Pure Storage

In this session, Fred shared Pure Storage’s technology strategy, new products, and evolutions and covered topics ranging from key IT requirements modern data center practices, and new operating models.



Bogusz Błaszkiewicz, System Engineering Team Leader at Pure Storage, summarized the event, saying: “I was impressed by the turnover and the questions from the attendees. As for the first iteration of the meeting, the atmosphere and overall interest in the subjects were inspiring. I was especially happy to see the prospects chat with the existing Pure customers – there’s nothing better than a reference from a real-world user. Well done, TeraSky, for making the event at its best!”


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