September 9, 2021

TeraSky Experts Support Amazon EKS Anywhere

To ensure customers make their journey to the cloud as efficient as possible, TeraSky is investing a great deal of resources in designing and promoting solutions based on AWS offerings.
Our experts have developed unique capabilities to support AWS Outposts that allow businesses to run AWS infrastructure on-premises to improve the consistency of their hybrid cloud systems. With AWS, customers can use the same tools, APIs, hardware, and functionality across both their on-premises and cloud systems to create a consistent user experience.
This deep expertise combined with our official AWS Outposts partnership to ensure our customers have the support and guidance needed to achieve positive outcomes, at-scale, both on-prem and in the cloud.


What is EKS Anywhere?

EKS Anywhere is a Kubernetes distribution developed and maintained by AWS that enables the ability to run a fully conformant, secure, and highly available Kubernetes cluster on-premises in your vSphere environment.
EKS Anywhere is built atop of the EKS Distro which enables users to run the same battle-tested Kubernetes releases used in EKS wherever desired. The distribution extends EKS Distro by adding full lifecycle cluster management using the ClusterAPI project.
Embracing the infrastructure-as-code approach, EKS Anywhere enables you to create clusters and manage them in a GitOps manner via its integration with Flux.


When and Why to use EKS Anywhere?

In the multi-cloud world, we experience many operational challenges. While having a multi-cloud strategy can enable exponential growth never thought possible, the lack of standardization and the constant need for sourcing cloud-specific solutions makes the process very difficult to manage and maintain.
EKS Anywhere, built by engineers who have tackled some of the largest Kubernetes environments in the managed EKS service, offers a way to standardize our Kubernetes distribution across multiple clouds.
With EKS Anywhere, we don’t need to worry about how to deploy clusters on different IaaS providers, for example, or how to manage broken Kubernetes nodes, or even how to upgrade a full production cluster without any downtime.
With the click of a button, you get the same standardized environment wherever you need it.


EKS Anywhere Key Benefits

With EKS Anywhere you get the same trusted and consistent Kubernetes distribution as you have come to expect from AWS in the managed EKS service.

Longer Support Windows
When deploying Kubernetes, one of the most difficult parts is the short release lifespan in terms of support. AWS understands this and all of their EKS-based offerings (including EKS Anywhere) provide extended support windows beyond the upstream Kubernetes project. This enables you to spend less time on upgrades and more time on advancing your business.

By providing a slim, scalable, and easily maintainable Kubernetes offering, EKS Anywhere ensures you get exactly what you need without all of the bloats we usually see in commercial offerings. Embracing the immutable infrastructure approach to spin up and down clusters on the fly saves us resources and money by only utilizing what we need when we need it.

EKS Anywhere has chosen to embrace the new and exciting ClusterAPI project to manage Kubernetes cluster lifecycles. By building upon this standardization (an upstream project that is based on a vibrant and excited community), EKS Anywhere can leverage the upstream community and its amazing work to provide a truly future-proof and battle-tested solution.


Amazon EKS Anywhere Features

Base Operating System: Support for both Ubuntu and Bottlerocket OS for our Kubernetes nodes Operating system.

Compute: Support for vSphere 7+ environments with more options to come

Storage: Deployment and lifecycle management of the vSphere CSI enables usage of any vSphere Datastore for persistent Storage needs on Kubernetes

Networking: Support for Cillium as the CNI in all clusters, offering exceptional performance

Visibility: Integration into the AWS console and its many different services, enabling logging and monitoring in a centralized, managed, and secure manner



Benefits Examples

Data Residency
Control where your workloads run and where your data resides, while using local operational tooling for things like monitoring and stability. Also, allows low-friction movement of workloads between the public cloud and the edge, and vice versa, so you can easily adapt to any regulatory changes.

Migration & Modernization
Ease and accelerate the migration journey by allowing application latency-sensitive interdependencies on-premises, and then easily migrate the application to the cloud when ready.

TeraSky and AWS Partnership

TeraSky is a well-known sponsor of digital innovation solutions that drive cloud and digital transformations that are essential for business today. Our expertise is in designing, implementing, and supporting a wide range of cloud platforms and successfully delivering cloud services that require comprehensive knowledge of the inner workings and interactions between applications, infrastructure, automation, processes, and people.
TeraSky is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and holds a significant number of AWS certified experts, allowing us to deliver high-level professional services for AWS customers around the world through our offices in Israel, Central Europe, and North America.
Beyond our AWS expertise, we also have a significant number of Certified Kubernetes administrators and certified Kubernetes Security specialists.


TeraSky’s AWS Certifications

Each of our engineers holds the AWS certifications of their specialty


Take advantage of what EKS Anywhere makes possible. Learn more about the service and its integration options, and – when ready – connect with TeraSky to get started, your certified EKS Anywhere integration partner.”


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