July 8, 2022

The Customer is Always Right: Why PowerStore is an Optimal Storage Solution in a Cloud-mobile IT World

Navigating Evolving Cloud-mobile IT Storage Needs


In today’s ever-digitizing world, massive amounts of data are being created, collected, analyzed, and stored, at any given moment. To handle said data with optimal agility and versatility, there is a real need for robust storage solutions that are purpose-built for cloud-mobile IT infrastructure.


Enter Dell PowerStore, as implemented by TeraSky. PowerStore uses containerized software architecture and integrates the advanced capabilities of VMware’s ESXi hypervisor to empower customers with the most powerful performance, storage, flexibility, and scalability capabilities on the market. Now, customers can enjoy features such as direct virtualized hosting of customer applications, more seamlessly than ever before. It’s no wonder that more and more customers are choosing PowerStore to drive their IT management and VMware ecosystems into the 21st century – and beyond.


Here are some of the top reasons why PowerStore is the top cloud-mobile IT storage solution customers continue to choose.


Container-based software architecture

When it comes to software-defined architecture, PowerStore takes the cake. The appliance utilizes container-based software architecture to enable the delivery and integration of advanced and modular system capabilities, such as standardization, feature portability, and a quicker time-to-market. As a result, deployment flexibility is able to be optimized, to meet the customer’s needs.


PowerStore additionally leverages best-performing applications and features originating in TeraSky’s cross-platform solution portfolio. Namely, offerings such as SRM, Data Protection, Suite, and AppSync, can be directly integrated into PowerStore’s operating environment, further enhancing this solution’s benefits for the customer.


Future-forward storage technology

PowerStore was created to bring together the most innovative storage, network, and interface technologies, creating an offering unlike any other on the market. Standout benefits of the appliance’s end-to-end NVMe architecture include higher bandwidth, lower latency, and enhanced performance, as enabled by the integration of dual-ported Intel Optane storage class memory (SCM) and Flash SSD requirement compliance.

PowerStore’s smart storage technology:

  • Natively supports block, file, and vVols on a single system
  • Drives ongoing storage efficiency via always-on data reduction
  • Facilitates hardware acceleration through its use of Intel QuickAssist Technology


Added value in the form of agility

To make the most of the benefits provided by PowerStore’s software-defined architecture, on-board VMware ESXi is integrated into the appliance. This, in turn, has opened the door for unprecedented integration with vSphere’s management environment and other, server-related resources The result: super consolidation that meets – and even exceeds – enterprise storage requirements, as well as extreme agility in the following areas:

  • Across application deployments
  • In shifts between PowerStore appliances and VMware ESXi servers
  • In eliminating server and networking footprints, thereby shrinking the stack and making room for more edge and remote deployments, as needed.


Automation of operations

By supporting and streamlining integrations with VMware management, PowerStore enables additional integrations with some of the industry’s most prominent and proven DevOps and open management frameworks. In turn, these integrations enable storage workflows to be automated, streamlining the entire application development process, for a far simpler and less cumbersome experience.

Supported integrations and features include:

  • vSphere storage management and provisioning
  • VAAI
  • VASA
  • Native vVols support
  • Plug-ins for CSI, Kubernetes, Ansible, vRealize Operations, and others.

Furthermore, PowerStore’s use of intelligent data placement enables automation across the customer’s operations. Machine learning is leveraged to perform ongoing cluster monitoring and balance appliance storage volume provisioning accordingly. When an imbalance is detected, the system recommends and then implements actions that can be taken to restore balance to the cluster’s resources, automatically optimizing the system’s performance and efficiency.


Seamless migration to the cloud

Migrating to the cloud and/or creating a hybrid cloud environment is easier than ever, with PowerStore. customers have several options for integrating on-premises and cloud infrastructure, without ever compromising on operational efficiency or consistency. One such option is extending on-premises vSphere environments to the AWS Cloud (for VMware customers only). This allows customers to deliver Powerstorage block and file services for VCF deployments. Another option is to use PowerStore’s AppsON capability through vSphere. Doing so enables customers to seamlessly migrate data and applications between PowerStore and AWS based on their own, unique requirements, without having to use any additional management tools.


A proactive approach to system health & maintenance

Using predictive analytics, PowerStore enables customers to proactively monitor stored data and data storage systems. This is done by means of CloudIQ, a free-to-use for PowerStore customers) native cloud-based storage analytics application that monitors metrics such as capacity, integrations, performance, and system health, and creates a health score per array. The app then uses machine learning and predictive analytic measurements to resolve potential issues, before they even occur, eliminating unnecessary and potentially devastating downtime.


A solution that scales to meet evolving needs

PowerStore customers can scale their organizations without worrying about insufficient system processing power or storage capacity. Thanks to advanced clustering technology, PowerStore can flexibly scale and evolve its performance to meet the customer’s dynamic application requirements. This includes scaling processing power to up to four appliances while continuing to intelligently and automatically balance resources to meet capacity workload and storage growth requirements, and optimize system utility.

Additionally, TeraSky is proud to provide you with PowerStore, a part of Dell’s Future-Proof Program, which includes Anytime Upgrades, ensuring that customers enjoy the most up-to-date version of appliances, models, and environments, as soon as they roll out, with zero licensing, additional purchases, or disruptions to the customer’s operations required. For more information, visit the Future Proof Loyalty Program page.


Bottom line

PowerStore’s robust features and capabilities enable customers to enjoy an optimal storage solution for the cloud-mobile IT world. Discover how you can join an ever-growing number of customers around the world and start enjoying a more powerful storage experience with PowerStore, today!

To find out where TeraSky can take your business, complete the form below and a Dell expert will be in touch!


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