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January 11, 2024

Unicell’s Tech Refresh Success Story with TeraSky

The Background
Unicell, a prominent Israeli marketing company specializing in digital advertising solutions, sought to enhance its technological infrastructure. As a forward-thinking company, they wanted to ensure they were working with cutting-edge hardware to ensure optimal performance and manageability.


The Challenge
In order to ensure their ability to deliver high-performance digital advertising solutions, Unicell recognized that they couldn’t afford to allow their hardware to become outdated. Their existing technology needed a refresh to keep pace with the evolving demands of the industry. They required elevated, high-performance hardware that could seamlessly integrate with their operations and scale efficiently and called TeraSky to guide them.


The Solution
To address Unicell’s challenges, TeraSky implemented a comprehensive solution involving a Tech Refresh. This included the deployment of a new vCenter with a new vSAN cluster and migrating all workloads to the upgraded environment. The new infrastructure provided the necessary performance boost and enhanced manageability for Unicell’s digital advertising operations.

Shlomi Avraham, IT Network and Security Engineer at Unicell, emphasized the significance of the solution, stating, “Our goal was to not only meet Unicell’s immediate hardware needs but to future-proof their infrastructure. The new vSAN cluster and the latest vCenter both elevated their performance and streamlined their day-to-day management tasks.”


The Bottom Line
Post-implementation, Unicell experienced a substantial improvement in performance while maintaining the same ease of management. “Working with TeraSky was a game-changer for us,” raved Unicell’s Shlomi Avraham, IT Network and Security Engineer, “The improved performance has allowed us to take on more ambitious projects, and the ease of management has made our operations significantly smoother.” The enhanced hardware capabilities facilitated faster processing of digital advertising data, resulting in more efficient campaigns and satisfied clients.

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