March 3, 2022

VMware’s Anywhere Workspace Powers Today’s Workforce Reality

For better or for worse, for many companies, the pandemic highlighted or exposed shortcomings in IT operations and business infrastructures, particularly regarding remote work. Too many workers experienced the frustration of inconsistent user experience while working remotely, and slow or unresponsive remote systems. Likewise, too many companies suddenly understood that their security measures were insufficient and left them vulnerable to attack, precisely when they needed to provide access to teams working from afar. Still, after two years of remote officing experience, surveys are confirming what we already know intuitively: the global pandemic accelerated the inevitable shift to hybrid work, and there’s no going back.


● 8% of remote employees are willing to return full-time to the office
● 48% of workers want to work from home permanently
● 44% want to work from home part of the week.

(*) Remote Work & Compensation Pulse Survey.


This is a seismic shift in the way we work, and it places new demands on employers to provide both a seamless user experience and uncompromising security. To address this shift, VMware, a global leader in cloud services, offers the Anywhere Workspace platform.


Anywhere Workspace empowers today’s distributed workforce with secure access based on the Zero Trust approach, alongside world-class VDI and cutting-edge endpoint management tools. The Zero Trust security approach includes identification procedures, access to resources, and exacting endpoint authentication. The result is that IT teams can proactively secure the digital work environment, enabling safe hybrid work from any end-user device.


In addition to secure access to the digital work environment, Anywhere Workspace helps IT teams provide remote and mobile users with consistent, optimal, and secure cloud application access. Based on a network of worldwide managed service nodes, their SASE solution provides a “branch-like experience,” leveraging their global Points of Presence and optimizing traffic-handling capabilities to reduce latency and improve application performance.


Anywhere Workspace enhances the digital work environment experience with efficient, secure, and ready-to-use virtual desktops and applications, from on-prem to the cloud. By automating the workspace through intelligent management of workflows, compliance, and performance, IT teams are able to simplify, becoming more responsive, more efficient, and more modern.


Based on methodologies customized for clients’ unique needs, TeraSky’s expert team of End User Computing (EUC) specialists guide the entire transformation process, including full platform and workflow overhauls, so clients can upgrade, launch, and onboard their digital workspace in synergy with their IT and security requirements.


This blog was contributed by:

Ofir Dalal (End User Computing Consultant), Maxim Smirin (CSO, EUC), and Uri Menuhin (CTO, EUC)

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