November 23, 2022

vRA 8 as a Multi-Cloud Management Platform

Many of our customers work in multi-cloud, where their data solutions might be in GCP, their main compute under AWS, their authentication management through Azure, etc. We’ve seen many organizations struggle without a great tool to manage their cloud presence under a single umbrella.


Existing tools typically allow users to limit the public cloud by budget. Some security policies may exist, but there are no ways to limit custom forms, naming conventions, or pipeline policies in a single product.


However, TeraSky customers will be glad to know that VMware is increasingly focusing on covering the spot between the clouds, and vRA 8 checks all these boxes and more. It serves as a single pane of management for governance approvals and places all your infrastructure and cloud on an equal footing, with a user-friendly interface that can be centralized for vSphere. With vRA 8, our experts can provide a cloud-agnostic blueprint that enables customers to manage all aspects of their public cloud.


VMware isn’t standing still. vRA 8 is the first offering that can be genuinely called a complete multi-cloud management platform. Each new release brings more features related to the public cloud, Kubernetes, and modern solutions. Within a year, we predict that VRA will fully cover all the possible scenarios of all types of infrastructure within any organization, including private cloud, public cloud, on-prem, Kubernetes, pipelines, DevOps, and more. vRA can manage Jenkins, serve as a step within Jenkins, and manage and deploy Kubernetes, nodes, and everything else you could think of.


Even better, vRA 8 doesn’t intervene or mess with your infrastructure. It simply delivers an additional layer of management, visibility, and governance, which you can easily remove a few years down the line without any adverse effects.


Written by: Yev Berman, Head of Cloud at TeraSky

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