July 20, 2023

Backstage Developer Portal: What’s All the Fuss About?

Our DevOps meetup was a dynamic gathering designed to delve into the exciting world of Backstage. The event featured expert speakers, Oded Shopen (Senior Lead Solution Engineer, VMware Tanzu) and Guy Balmas (Cloud Native Engineer, TeraSky), who shared their profound knowledge and experiences with this open-source project that has been gaining rapid popularity among engineering teams.


Unraveling the Magic of Backstage:


The event started with an introduction to Backstage, offering an in-depth understanding of its key features and functionalities. Oded and Guy provided real-world use cases, showcasing how Backstage has transformed development workflows for various organizations, streamlining their engineering processes like never before.


Expert Insights and Best Practices:


Our attendees were treated to a wealth of insights from the speakers who dove into the nitty-gritty of Backstage implementation. They highlighted the best practices, tips, and tricks to make the most out of this developer portal, optimizing collaboration and increasing overall productivity. Interactive Q&A Session: The event was highly interactive, with a lively Q&A session where participants actively engaged with our experts.
Attendees had the opportunity to pose their burning questions, seek advice, and gain valuable perspectives from professionals with hands-on experience with Backstage.


Missed the Event? Watch the Video
In case you couldn’t make it to the meetup or wish to revisit the enriching discussions, we’ve got you covered! We’ve recorded the entire event.

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