July 27, 2023

Recover Ultra-Large, High Transaction Production SQL Databases in Seconds?

Recover Ultra-Large, High Transaction Production SQL Databases in Seconds?
There’s a better way to recover your data…


Database corruption and the time-consuming recovery methods that often follow can be the source of massive frustration for any business. That’s why TeraSky brought together the best minds in the industry to showcase a better way to recover your data instantly, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency. On July 26, 2023, in collaboration with Pure Storage, TeraSky hosted the webinar “How to Recover Your Ultra-Large, High Transaction Production SQL Database in Seconds.” The response from the community was overwhelming, with an impressive number of attendees eager to learn and discover innovative solutions.


Andrew Pruski, Field Solutions Architect and Microsoft Data Platform MVP at Pure Storage, and Ariel Graner, Solutions Architect at TeraSky, took center stage to guide participants through the latest in the field of instant data recovery techniques. They unveiled the remarkable capabilities of Pure Storage snapshots and demonstrated how this cutting-edge technology simplifies the data recovery process, reducing the time and effort required to restore databases. Their expertise and real-world experience made this event a game-changer for attendees looking to streamline their data recovery processes.


At TeraSky, we are committed to providing solution-oriented resources and opportunities to help businesses overcome their data recovery challenges. This webinar introduced participants to the industry’s top tools for facing any database corruption situation with confidence, and attendees walked away with practical tips, best practices, and insights that they can immediately apply to their own database operations.


Stay tuned for more exciting events, insightful discussions, and practical solutions coming your way.


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