August 6, 2023

Healthcare Industry’s Journey to Multi-Cloud Infrastructure with VMware Cloud on AWS

During the HealthIMPACT Forum held in New York City at Amazon NYC on June 7th-8th, Lawrence Kohan, Senior Solutions Architect at TeraSky, delivered a session titled “Securing Multi-Cloud Healthcare Environments On-Prem and in VMware Cloud on AWS: VMware Aria Operations, Tanzu Service Mesh, and HashiCorp Vault.” In his presentation, Lawrence highlighted the healthcare industry’s shift towards multi-cloud adoption, with numerous organizations expected to embrace a hybrid multi-cloud architecture within the next one to three years.


The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly driven this change, leading to an increase in IT spending among healthcare organizations. As a result, many are now adopting multi-cloud strategies to enhance their security posture, implement AI-based self-service technology, and upgrade their existing IT infrastructure. Lawrence pointed out that public cloud solutions like VMware Cloud on AWS (VMC), VMware on Azure (AVS), and VMware on Google Cloud (GCP) are highly recommended for healthcare organizations, as they provide a wide range of use cases that would otherwise be unattainable.


Additionally, Lawrence emphasized the criticality of disaster recovery solutions for businesses in the healthcare sector. Companies can mitigate potential disruptions by preparing for unexpected events such as natural disasters, power outages, and ransomware attacks. He specifically mentioned VMware SRM and VCDR as essential components of an effective disaster recovery strategy.


Overall, Lawrence’s presentation shed light on the evolving landscape of multi-cloud adoption in healthcare, the importance of robust disaster recovery solutions, and the benefits of utilizing specific public cloud services offered by VMware for healthcare organizations.


Want to learn how healthcare organizations are adopting multi-cloud strategies to improve their IT infrastructure and security posture with VMware Cloud solutions. Watch the video.

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