April 2, 2024


Boost Your Cloud Cost Efficiency with FinOps Strategies

TeraSky and AWS joined forces to unveil the secrets of true cloud cost efficiency!


When it comes to FinOps, traditional solutions like Reserved Instances and best practices are helpful, but much more can be done. Uncover saving techniques beyond the basics and discover the FinOps framework with expert guidance. This session equips you with valuable insights and practical strategies to optimize your cloud costs on AWS, unlocking true cost efficiency with TeraSky’s in-depth FinOps methodology.


Listen to industry experts who share their knowledge:

FinOps Beyond the Obvious

Lev Andelman, TeraSky CTO, will dive into innovative cost optimization techniques beyond standard best practices.


FinOps Fundamentals

Daniel Klevansky, AWS Partner Solutions Architect, will introduce you to:

  • A framework for optimizing cloud costs, considering finance, technology, and business perspectives.
  • Continuous improvement: FinOps is an ongoing process of monitoring and adjusting your cloud spending.


Learn from the comprehensive explanation of the FinOps framework and the opportunity to learn how to optimize your cloud budget across finance, tech, and business teams using cutting-edge strategies that go far beyond the standard tools.



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