December 28, 2023

      11.00 GMT+3

Unleash Multi-Cloud Observability with Aria Operation – Webinar

Session #3 – Strategies for Seamless Multi-Cloud Management: TeraSky and VMware Webinar Recap


As part of the ongoing Multi-Cloud Management Webinar Series, TeraSky and VMware recently put a spotlight on multi-cloud operations, with a focus on the game-changing Aria Operation platform. Adiel Gilboa, Cloud Automation Team Lead, TeraSky, and Haim Melamed, Lead Solution Engineer at VMware by Broadcom, guided participants through the complexities of – and potential solutions for – multi-cloud environments.


During the webinar, Adiel highlighted the intricate challenges of overseeing diverse cloud infrastructures, underscoring the necessity for a unified solution. Complementing this, Liron shared expert insights, delving into strategic approaches that align both business and operational intent, leveraging the proven methodologies of VMware. Together, they unveiled the groundbreaking Aria Operation platform, illustrating its intelligent automation capabilities. The platform was showcased as a means to simplify operations and as a tool to enhance agility and achieve cost reductions, offering a comprehensive solution to the complexities of multi-cloud management.


The key takeaways from the webinar highlight the significant impact of Aria Operation on simplifying multi-cloud operations, thanks to its ability to navigate and overcome the complexities associated with managing diverse cloud environments. Liron Brinder’s presentation added practical strategies drawn from VMware’s methodologies, which can serve as an example of a roadmap for optimizing multi-cloud operations. Nimrod added real-world scenarios, showcasing Aria’s seamless integration and demonstrating tangible benefits. The collective takeaways underscore the webinar’s practical significance, providing actionable strategies and insights for effectively managing multi-cloud environments.


In summary, the Aria Operation webinar was immensely valuable, providing unique insights and illuminating a powerful platform for mastering multi-cloud operations.


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